Pinterest: 3 Simple Yet Little-Known Ways to Get More Repins

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How can you get more repins?

You’ve got your Pinterest account, created your boards, and are using good quality images. It’s one thing getting your Pins in front of your followers, but you are preaching to the converted if they are not sharing them with others. Follow these easy, yet little-known, ways for more re-pins and a bigger return on your Pinterest investment.

1. Use tall pictures. Pinterest limits the width of pictures to 600 pixels, but there is no limit on the height. Taller pictures are more eye-catching, and more likely to be repinned than wide images. Make sure the quality of your pictures is spot on. With so much competition, an unprofessional looking photo will be quickly passed over. Don’t limit yourself to images that relate to your product. Use inspirational quotes, and use tools like Quozio ( to make them look good. Appeal to the current mood. For example, a picture of a sunny, deserted beach in the middle of winter will strike a chord with people longing for summer.

2. Choose your words carefully. Dan Zarrella of HubSpot analyzed over 11,000 pins and found that those repinned the most had descriptions of around 200 characters. He also analyzed the most repinned words and identified recipe, chicken, and minutes were the top three most frequent. The top twenty are mostly cooking and craft related, so consider putting pins in Food & Drink and DIY & Crafts. Post a favourite recipe, like a BBQ marinade in summer, or cocktails at New Year. Your target audience has a life outside of your products, and diversifying will help them relate to you better.

3. Tag other Pinners. Using @ to link your image to other Pinterest users will make it more visible, and increase your number of repins. Use search friendly words to write your caption, so users searching for that product will also find you.

Pinterest is about sharing content. By providing Pins that are attractive, relevant, and easy to relate to, you will get more repins than simply pinning pictures of your products. Make your content appeal to a wider audience, and they will share.

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