3 Top Reasons to Leave Pinterest and Join The Fancy

Leaving Pinterest for Fancy
There’s a new, up-and-coming competitor to Pinterest. But what is it and why do you need to know?

The Fancy, less pretentious that its name implies, is slicker and shinier. It’s like a rich new kid who moves to town in the middle of the school year, and effortlessly becomes a style role model for both students and teachers. There is something about The Fancy that makes you want to sit next to them, hoping some of their gloss will rub off.

Pinterest is far from dead, but here are three reasons you should switch your marketing efforts from Pinterest to Fancy.

1. Purpose. Whereas Pinterest was created as an online scrapbook, The Fancy was designed as a marketing portal. It is made for selling, giving users a viable platform from which to generate revenue. It gives users the same ability to create boards with things they have found online and like, but also allows them to click straight though and buy them. It lets brands offer deals on items that have a high number of Fancies, directly targeting consumers who have already shown an interest.

2. Numbers. “Ah”, you say, “but Pinterest has over 11 million users, while The Fancy only has around 250,000. My Pins will reach a wider market than my Fancies”. It is true that The Fancy has a much smaller user base than Pinterest, however it is growing rapidly. Even better, The Fancy’s appeal is broader. While 98% of American Pinterest users are women, The Fancy’s demographic is much more evenly split, with 60% of their users being men. The Fancy’s users are much more active, averaging nearly 67 Fancies per user, compared with 3 Pins.

3. Style. If Pinterest is Good Housekeeping and Oprah, then The Fancy is Think Design or luxe, catering for an audience that sees themselves as leading the way when it comes to style and technology trends.

If you have struggled to fit your company and products into the Pinterest mold, you really should check out The Fancy. Not only does it put you directly in front of your main audience, it makes it quick and easy for them to buy.

Photo by skippyjon

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