5 Time Saving Tips for Pinterest

While Pinterest is an excellent site for finding ideas, it can also drain away precious time. It is far to easy to get sucked into the page after page of pictures and forget why you got on in the first place. Here are five ways to save time while using Pinterest.

1) Set a time limit.

It is easy to get started repinning and totally lose track of time. Set a timer that has an alarm to tell you when it is time to stop pinning. Then move on. Do not allow Pinterest to suck away time you do not have, but do use it as a reward or relaxation to take a break from more serious tasks.

2) Go online with a plan.

Do not randomly click through the pins on your homepage and hope you come up with something useful. Go on Pinterest with a goal in mind. Decide what you are looking for and stick to it. If you are interested in finding recipes, search for recipes, if you are looking for craft ideas for May Day, do a search specific to those activities.

3) Create more boards.

Though it takes more time in the beginning to set up a large number of boards, it will save you time in the long run. Have a board for gardening, a board for each room of your house, a board for ideas for each child in the family etcetera. Then, when you return to the site for something it will be easy to find and you will not have to waste time looking for it. This significantly lowers the chances of getting distracted by other unrelated pins.

4) Use URLs to reach information faster.

When going online to gain instructions from things already pinned, skip the homepage and go straight to the board where it is housed. The URL for each board is formatted like: pinterest.com/your personal Pinterest URL/your board name. So, for example, pintrest.com/bobsmith/kerry’s-alphabet-activities. This will prevent you from being distracted by new posts on your homepage when you enter in site.

5) Look for ways to save time in your real life while using Pinterest.

Use Pinterest to find better ways to organize your family. Create a week or month worth of menus and plan a shopping list on your board. Find time saving tips and tricks that you can apply so that Pinterest is actually saving you time and simplifying your life, rather than sponging time away.

Photo by labocho

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