6 Reasons Why Your Pinterest Pins Might be Deleted

Reasons why a Pinterest pin might be deleted

Would you be annoyed if Pinterest started deleting your pins?

Pinterest do sometimes delete pins. But if they delete yours, you’re probably not following Pinterest’s rules.

One way Pinterest may delete a pin is if that pin gets reported by other users. Pinterest provide an easy way to report a pin. When you do so, you can choose from 6 different reasons for the report:

  1. Nudity or pornography
  2. Attacking a group or individual
  3. Graphic violence
  4. Hateful speech or symbols
  5. Spam
  6. Other

If one of your pins has been deleted, it’s likely that someone objected to it for one of these reasons.



  1. Hi. I have had several repins as well as at least one original pin (of my fully clothed family sitting on our steps) deleted. Suddenly half of one of my boards was gone. My best friend had the same problem with her recipe board. Obviously the reasons you list do not apply. Any other reasons?

  2. Jennifer J. Von Essen says:

    Pinterest seems to have alot of pins that are professionally made. There ,are not alot where aunt suzy from OHIO knitted u a sweater that you wanted to show off on your board. If you are under 130lbs and young and walking in some exotic place you pin may stay, but lord, help you if you are over 200 and not pleasant to the eye, the only way you stay is if it is a joke about you. I feel Pinterest should have real pictures of real people and things.

  3. Hi, I agree with Alison. I went to look at my humor board, and more than half my board was gone! I got no notification or anything, and none of them have nudity, spam, or anything else like that! It even is happening on my other boards, pins that were there before are gone, and I’ve not deleted them, nor have I gotten notifications! It’s becoming extremely frustrating At this point, going back to look at my pins, and almost all of them are gone.

    • I have the exact same problem. Mine started when I renamed my boards, not thinking this would cause an issue. Now, all of my pins are gone and I had to start over! If anyone can figure out why, please let me know.. It would be awesome if they were “hiding” somewhere and I could get them back!

  4. I was so upset to find that over have my pins were gone, no notice, nothing! Any advice on what might be happening or how to get them back?

    • mine too everything is gone my follower my pins my likes everything is gone!!!!!!! pinterest is stupid!

      • Most of my pins were deleted, I’m furious it had taken me such. a long time to collect them, what’s the point of saving them if I’m going to loose them, the were mainly cookery recipes

  5. I am trying to add new pinners to my board and after doing so successfully for 3 boards am getting the message “slow down there” and then no luck pinning anyone! Is anyone there experiencing the same?
    I’m not getting an answer from the Pinterest people although I’ve emailed twice.
    Thanks, O.

    • @ O. : I have the same problem for a few weeks now. I can add 2 or 3 pinners every day and then the “slow down there” error pops up again. Frustrating and no reply from Pinterest so far.

  6. These rules are so stupid… I have 170 boards and more than half of them have disappeared. I have no idea why.. Pinterest never got back to me about it. I can get them all up on my phone but not my computer… So stupid…..

  7. How do you get your boards back up and showing once they have disappeared????

  8. Hi,
    My entire board of women in stockings got deleted! Why use Pinterest at all? I just don’t get it!

    • I agree…there Super Stupid..

    • What is Pinterest’s policy on deleting accounts?
      Like, how many boards or pins have to be deleted by Pinterest before an account gets the boot?
      I’ll be honest here, I have a secret board that has some fairly racy stuff on it, and some pins (maybe 8 or so) have been deleted by Pinterest before.
      I don’t really want to take the board down, but I am willing to take it down if doing otherwise means I’ll lose my account.
      Is it possible that they’ll delete my account before deleting my board as a warning?

  9. I love Pinterest. But lately I have been coming across more porn. It’s disturbing because there are many teenagers on this site. I came across a pinner today who clearly states she is owned by her master. What a find most disturbing is her pins show young girls being chocked with plastic bags around their faces! I was horrified and I reported it but I really don’t think Pinterest will do much about it because this pinner said this is her 2nd time because her account has been deleted before!! I know someone who lost their daughter from a choking game. I feel people should be ashamed!

  10. Got a notification from Pinterest that my browser needed to be updated. Did that and my entire account was wiped out. Why? How do I get it back? Can I get it back?

  11. Sandi Paslaski says:

    All my pins are gone they were all recipes I pinned. I also cannot get using my gmail it went back to my old aol address which don’t work as I lost my password so I had made a new account with gmail and I was using that and pinned alot of recipes and now they r gone

  12. I just accidently deleted my casserole board from pinterest. Is there any way I can get it back?

  13. OMG
    Ever since I was turn onto Pinterest – which I loved – I’ve set up and lost two boards. The first was really built up and to my surprise had followers. A lot of time and effort. ITS VERY FRUSTRATING. After I stayed away for some time, I gave it another try. IT HAPPENED AGAIN! That is unexceptional and not cool. p.s. no notice at all

    • James Lawrence says:

      I lost my Pinterest account, though I think I know why. I had pinned a few memes from an anti-muslim board and I think I got reported for hate speech. I had a lot of followers before then. I started over with another e-mail account I had and it will never give me more than 25 memes to look at in any board. It will say there is a thousand memes in this board, but only 25 show up on my screen. Is this common for all beginners or do they know I am a reject?

  14. I just received notice that my account is suspended. Nothing on my profile is against the Pinterest rules. I’m so confused!

  15. Soo many pins have been deleated….no notice no explanation. What is the point of having this if you can’t save them.
    What does “other” mean? Someone just felt like it?

  16. I had an entire board of over 800 pins deleted. No email or reason why

  17. Mary Deets says:

    I recently got a new iPad and had to reset my password to get the app on it and now I’ve lost almost all of my pins..I had tons of recipes. ..what happened?

  18. I think I have received a few e-mails saying it’s not you it’s them. That’s why we are deleting your pin. I have seen some pins that have been obscene and they are still up. I don’t even know which of mines are being deleted because they didn’t show me which one it was. I am trying to figure it out so that I never pin one like it again. I am getting more and more frustrated and I’m offended. At least show me the pin!!!!!!!!

  19. Really tired of pinning recipes and essential oil information, only to have deleted by the Pinterest Police! UGH!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, isn’t Pinterest a place we can “file” all the wonderful Pins we see so we too can use them at a later date! I have had at least 6 pins deleted in the last couple of weeks. really sick of it!!!!!!!!!

  20. All my boards are gone. It is like I never created a board ever. Help!

  21. Pinterest deletes my food board entries

  22. One of my entire boards disappeared. I made another one. Why would a foodie list be deleted? I should have been warned so I could have copied it. Over a years worth of recipes I will never get back. Please help me understand. Thank you.

  23. Sheree' Brown says:

    Now that they’re allowing folks to sell on Pinterest.. It’s no longer an interest board sight.. .It’s becoming Etsy or ebay… They should just change they’re name to sellintrest. It would be more honest. I have no idea who has whatever for sell, nor do I care. I will be looking for other places to store creative ideas soon if this keeps up.
    Just saying

  24. Same happened to me! I just lost ALL my pins which I loved dearly. ALL my recipes, steam punk ideas & vegetable garden tips+++ just gone! I feel I’ve been robbed. Surely they should have backups of the data? No notice received either.

  25. Have any pins been recovered? All mine r gone.

  26. Joseph Barber says:

    If it’s on the app, we should b able to pin whatever, so we can go to our pins and enjoy them later, but that’s impossible so pintrest is no longer an intrest, they deleted my entire account, why who knows, I had over 400 followers and all sorts of great pins for ideas, and now nothing, go screw yourself pintrest

  27. Joseph Barber says:

    The rules are awful, “pin, share, save ideas” only to have them deleted. My whole account was deleted, I had over 400 followers, so many pins, likes, conversations, which took a lot of time, way to be great app and delete everything for me. We should b able to pin whatever, but since they let you pin only to delete it later, this app is forever useless. It’s like “Hey let me show you this cool pin, oh..wait they deleted everything in my life”. Eat shit pintrest

  28. I just got a notification that a pin from one of my private boards had been removed because it violated the “Sexually explicit or pornographic content” policy. Since I wasn’t aware I had any pins like that, I was very curious to see what it was. When I clicked the link that Pinterest sent me of the “offensive pin”, it was a photo of the Redwoods, titled “The World’s Most Majestic Trees”!!!

  29. Le Dj Tigersy says:

    What is a Spam?

  30. Eleniel says:

    I too have recently found some poins of various various boards have disappeared. This has happened twice. the first time the pins did reappear after roughly a week – 10 days, but now they have disappeared for a second time and so far haven’t come back. It seems to be the same certain boards and no notification given. I have only ever received 2 messages in the past notifying me of particular pins being removed – both times saying it was because someone else had pinned them from the source without pemission. This is so frustrating!

  31. My favorite site Pinterest had completely disappeared. I am 71 yes old fully employed and have kids and grandkids & have nothing inappropriate on my accoun.I have put in new landscaping I found on Pinterest. I buy things I see there.My granddaughter had het new room plans on there.Why on earth take a decor site down. Where did it go. I spent years on it.
    It’s a great site, it is very relaxing.Christina Breeze

  32. How can pins from my private board be deleted? Yes I was notified by pinterest but who could see what I had pinned. It does not contain anything offensive.

  33. Why are you deleting some of my pins? What the heck is the point if you just randomly delete things that are not offensive or flagged/reported like my tattoo ideas? If you can help me retrieve one pin in particular please reply. you recently deleted one of my favorite tattoo designs and I cannot find it again. I was going to have the artist draw me one based on 2 designs from Pintrest. Only 1 left on my board now.
    Sincerely, One P***** off Pintrester.

    • Hi Chelsea,

      I’m so sorry to hear about your pins. I’m afraid we’re just a blog that writes about Pinterest. We’re not part of Pinterest itself and don’t have any control over whether your pins are deleted. The best thing I can suggest is to contact Pinterest through their support pages here: https://help.pinterest.com/en

      I hope they’re able to help you out.

  34. Just got a notice that something I pinned, from a board that was like Better Homes and Gardens, was removed because of a pornographic nature. Huh??? I didn’t pin anything even remotely pornographic or shaped like anything remotely pornographic. Apparently, any person who pinned this image is also having the image deleted. Wish I knew what the heck was wrong with the pin!

  35. Ok I am so glad I’m not the only one. I actually thought I was losing my mind until I found this thread. I have a slew of extensive fashion boards and could not figure out why I couldn’t locate my pins. Now I know it’s because they are flat out gone. What is the deal? I hate losing precious pins that I have obviously saved for future (or current) use! I am super disappointed

  36. Well sounds like a lot of us are fed up with how Pinterest just wipes out our boards after so many hours and so much work. Same thing happened to me- my main board zapped a couple of weeks ago- no message no nuthin’. I haven’t pinned anything since, I am still fuming. Maybe there is a better alternative?

  37. I’ve got my account suspended yesterday; no reason given; and I’m desperatelly trying to get my account back. I REALLY need to get those pins back. I thought it through and I don’t think that I’ve violated any terms of use. Does anyone has any email address of phone number I can contact them besides the website’s form? Thanks!

  38. I have devoted hours to pinterest over the last year. I had over 20000 pins. Most of my pins are fashion or film related so some were a bit artsy. In no way were they pornographic or obscene, however. I would never post anything like that with friends and family following me. Last week, my account was suspended. After constantly asking why with absolutely no response, I finally got a vague email saying some of my pins were “pornographic.” Fine. So I got rid of anything that might be remotely offensive including a secret board with some artistic photography or fashion not appropriate for people of all ages. I’d thought secret boards were specifically for these pins, but apparently not. So I got rid of everything only to discover just now that my account has been suspended again. I’ve just about had it. No one can give me a straight answer, and meanwhile, disgusting perverts posting ACTUAL porn and disgusting pictures on pinterest continue to run rampant on the site. I’m so over it at this point.

  39. Cynthia Farley says:

    I was told that Pinterest is cleaning out inactive accounts. Therefore, my followers have decreased. Just noticed my pin count (104k) has dropped (103k). What does this mean? Now I have lost pins? What next? So much work and effort to create attractive boards as best I can. What a shame……

  40. So ticked!!! I only had one board (effing one!) that I saved stuff to and it was only recipes. I had hundreds saved and all of a sudden ALL of them but one have been DELETED!!! Wtf Pinterest!?! If you’re gonna waste people’s time like that SCREW YOU!!!

  41. shana banana says:

    I was reported for being too sexy? I have never heard of this. Has anyone else? Pinterest wanted me to click an I understand button but I can’t because I do not understand. What does it mean?I don’t have anything on my site that I would consider too sexy.- Shana Banana

  42. Fleur lewis says:

    Im extremely disappointed.
    I awoke with a notification that someone had saved a pin of mine…I went in…( from app on my phone )..and every single pin and board was gone..like it never existed…I had heaps of different categories none offensive at all…
    Recipes.( which I was proud to tell others was a great way of saving them instead of buying expensive recipe books ) not any more..
    I had stunning decor kitchen ideas that I loved ..art..beautiful children
    Im really upset.

  43. I too have noticed some of my pins have disappeared. I was pinning pictures of rings because I am in the process of designing a ring. It was my electronic version of a scrapbook. I stupidly thought my pins were safe.

    Pinterest seems fairly useless to me now that random pins that don’t violate their policies just disappear without notification. It’s not like I am going to copy someone’s ring design, as what I am going to have made, has elements of various rings in it. If it’s all about “intellectual” property then I would say that when it comes to rings, anything that is actually wearable every day, has already been made by jewellers all over the world, a thousand times over. If you are a jeweler, put your name on the picture and be proud that you are getting pinned. It gets your name out there and could result in people contacting you to make that ring for them.

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