8 Ways to Screw Up Your Pinterest Profile

With so many profiles on Pinterest, it’s easy for yours to get lost. Here are 8 key mistakes you might be making.

1. A confusing profile picture. Avoid complicated pictures or writing. Make sure your profile picture is both eye-catching and identifiable when it’s small, such as on a comment

2. A boring bio. Along with a good profile picture, have a good bio. Make it interesting and a little funny, and not simply dry and factual. If people think your bio is interesting they will think your pins are interesting.

3. Pinning too much. No one wants their Pinterest timeline blocked up by one person. Try to pin no more than five to seven things a day, and space them out a little so they are not all in one block.

4. Not having original content. Re-pinning is fine occasionally, but people use Pinterest to see new things, so give them what they are looking for.

5. Bland folder names. Be descriptive and creative with your folder names. Don’t limit yourself to ‘Food’, try ‘Delicious Desserts’ instead. Also use the hashtag # to identify what is in the folder, so people will find it when they search on that topic. Use hashtags when pinning as well. People who like one of your pins may check out your other ones.

6. Not being social. Pinterest is for networking. The more you put into it, the more you will get back. Regularly update your boards and comment nicely on other people’s pins to raise your Pinterest profile.

7. Not having many boards. Popular Pinterest users have a lot of boards, with a lot of pins. Even if you are only interested in one topic you can still have a lot of boards. Pinterest users have boards for watches, flowers, even colours. Diversity is interesting, and interesting is good.

8. Not sharing your Pinterest profile. Put Pinterest badges on your blog, website and Facebook account. Tweet your pins and include your Pinterest page in your email or forum signature.


Photo courtesy of Thunderchild7

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