Are You Doing These 5 Things When You Pin an Image to Pinterest?

How to Make Your Images Succeed on Pinterest

How do you make your images succeed on Pinterest?

We all know that Pinterest has the potential to be a fabulous marketing tool: 21% of users have bought something they have found on the site. It is free, there are 11 million users, and it is quick and easy to get started. However, given the pace at which it moves and the number of pictures you have to compete with, it can be difficult to make yours stand out. Here are five things you should definitely do every time you pin an image in Pinterest.

1. Use keywords and hashtags in your descriptions. Just as you would do when writing on your website, add a search-friendly description of up to 200 characters, then hastags with the main ones. For example: Fall/Winter 2012-2013 Fashion Trends: Metallics. Go for fashion Gold, Silver, or Bronze with new season metallics #metallic. Good Housekeeping (@goodhousemag) is a good example of how to do it right.

2. Make sure you link your image back to the specific page on your website that relates to it. It is no good pinning an image relating to a product or article, then directing interested people to your front page. Take them directly to it – just as you would in a store.

3. Create a catchy title. Perfect Palette (@perfectpalette), one of the most followed businesses on Pinterest, is a great example, with titles like Sunshine Soiree, for a yellow mood board, and Home for the Holidays for Christmas related pins

4. Credit the source of the image. It’s courteous and respectful to state where your image came from if you don’t own it. If they are on Pinterest, link to them with an @, otherwise make sure it links back to where you found it. Definitely don’t try and pass someone else’s image off as your own!

5. Use good quality photographs. They should be crisp and professional looking. Pinterest allows images up to 600 pixels wide, but there is no limit on height. Interestingly, taller pictures are repinned more often than wider pictures.

It also helps to post in the Food & Drink and DIY & Crafts section, as these are areas where most repins originate from. Every one of your pins is a reflection on your business. Think about your intended market and pin to suit their interests.

Photo by kimubert

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