Pinterest Rolling Out French Version

Pinterest in French

Pinterest appear to be rolling out the French-language translation of their site.

We’ve seen the new language option appearing on the site, though we’re not seeing it consistently just yet.

Are you seeing it available as one of the language choices now?

And what will an influx of more French style mean for the site?


Want a Job at Pinterest? Here’s What They’re Hiring For

Jobs at Pinterest
Pinterest have just updated their ‘careers’ page with a number of new roles. Here are the extra roles they’re now hiring for:

  • Software Engineer (Intern)
  • Software Engineer (New Grad)
  • Software Engineer (Intern)
  • Software Engineer (New Grad)
  • Partner Engineer
  • Head of Partner Marketing
  • Partner Manager
  • Head of Community Marketing
  • Head of Community Operations
  • Country Manager, Japan

Is it time for you to get a job at Pinterest?


Pinterest Team Update their Official Pinterest Page

Pinterest on Pinterest

Pinterest’s Pinterest page is back.

As just announced on the official Pinterest blog, the Pinterest team has resurrected their own Pinterest account to share goings-on in their office and relating to Pinterest.

Makes sense.

But what do I like best about this?

What I like best is their nifty use of colour for their board covers. It really makes the profile stand out. Good inspiration for us all!

What do you think of Pinterest’s profile page? (You can see it here.)

And have you come across other ideas for making Pinterest profile pages stand out?

Pinterest Error: “You have exceeded the maximum rate of users followed”

You have exceeded the maximum rate of users followed

Are you seeing a Pinterest error saying “You have exceeded the maximum rate of users followed. Slow down a little. (error code fl1)?”

Some readers are reporting seeing this error message when they try to follow someone new. This happens despite them not doing anything excessive. Unfortunately, in these cases it tends to be very difficult to get any response from the Pinterest support team about why, specifically, it is happening. The support team is almost certainly overwhelmed with incoming support queries from Pinterest’s enormous user base.

Have you seen this message?

Have you got any advice for others who are confronted by it?


How to Track When Your Brand is Mentioned on Pinterest


Need an easy way to monitor mentions of a brand on Pinterest and other social networks? Then ViralHeat could be the tool for you.

ViralHeat lets you see all pins that have mentioned your brand in their descriptions or see graphs of the number of mentions over time…

ViralHeat Pinterest monitoring

ViralHeat Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest is just one of the services that ViralHeat can monitor. Alongside your Pinterest analytics, you can see corresponding information about your brand mentions on Twitter, Facebook, video sites such as YouTube, and across other websites.

Pinterest Add German and Dutch Language Options

European Flag
Pinterest have just added German and Dutch language options to the site.

The new options (“Deutch” and “Nederlands”) bring Pinterest’s language option tally to 7, though that number includes two variants of both Spanish and Portuguese.

Photo by rockcohen

It’s Official: You No Longer Need an Invitation to Join Pinterest

It’s official: You no longer need an invitation to join Pinterest.

Pinterest announced the change with a post on their blog yesterday afternoon. Some people are speculating that the change is something Pinterest have wanted to do for a long while, but were holding off on until they felt confident their systems could manage a big influx of new users. Pinterest’s $100 million investment received in May has likely helped them improve their infrastructure.

According to the best data we’ve seen, Pinterest’s growth has been fairly steady over the last few months; down from the explosive growth they experienced previously, but still impressive for a social network of their already huge size. It will be interesting to see if opening up registration will accelerate things.

Photo by danhodgett

Pinterest Accounts Hacked: Reports of Pins Being Deleted

Delete key
Has your Pinterest account been hacked?

There is worrying news for Pinterest users. As reported by LLsocial, numerous Pinterest accounts appear to have been hacked into, resulting, in some cases, in pins being deleted and spam pins being added by the hackers.

Pinterest seem to have been aware of the issue for some time.

Pinterest Accounts Hacked: Reports of Pins Being Deleted

Last week they posted an update to their support pages, saying that some Pinterest accounts are being locked as a result of suspicious activity. The users are logged out and prevented from accessing the account until they’ve reset their password.

Unfortunately, if this happens to you, Pinterest say there is no way to recover lost pins or boards.

This is a serious worry for Pinterest users. Not only are spam pins being placed on people’s accounts, but lovingly-curated boards are being lost.

Pinterest isn’t the only popular site to have had security issues recently. Over the last few weeks, Yahoo, LinkedIn and have all reported compromised accounts.

If you receive a notification from Pinterest saying that your account has been locked, they now have a survey that you can fill in to help them investigate the issue. You can complete it here.

We’ll keep you updated on this issue as we get more information.

Have you noticed anything strange with your account lately? How do you feel Pinterest should be responding to these new security concerns?

Photo by katerha


Rakuten CEO ‘Would Love to Buy Pinterest’

The Man Who Would Love to Buy Pinterest
Hiroshi “Mickey” Mikitani says he would love to buy Pinterest. But he doesn’t think they would sell.

Mikitani is not just any Japanese businessman. He’s the CEO of Rakuten, the Amazon of Japan, and his company led a $100 million investment in Pinterest earlier this year.

In an interview by the New York Times, Mikitani said he thought the price he paid for the share of Pinterest (at a reported $1.5 billion valuation) was more than fair and that, if the company came up for sale, he’d “love to buy”.

Could we see Pinterest being acquired by this Japanese company one day? Only time will tell.

How about you? Do you feel Pinterest is worth $1.5 billion?

Pinterest: Now You Can Pin in European Portuguese

Portuguese Flag
Portuguese people can now use Pinterest in their native language.

Pinterest have been releasing their international translations thick and fast over the last few weeks. Today’s release adds European Portuguese to the selection.

Pinterest’s international language options now comprise: English, Iberian Spanish, Latin American Spanish, European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese.

It’s surprising that Pinterest are setting up multiple variations of Spanish and Portuguese before having other languages at all. Perhaps it’s just what’s been easiest for whatever reason.

Will we be seeing American English vs. British English next?

Pinterest European Portuguese Language Option

Are you Portuguese? If so, how is the new Pinterest translation for your language looking?

Photo by tiseb