Pinterest Raises $100 Million, Now Valued at $1.5 Billion

Rakuten and Pinterest logos

Pinterest has just raised a big new round of funding — a total of $100 million, valuing the company at $1.5 billion.

The investment has been led by Rakuten, a major Japanese e-commerce company. As well as giving Pinterest a healthy cushion of cash, the deal signals the start of a partnership between Pinterest and Rakuten that should help Pinterest with its international expansion.

What Are the Most Popular Times of Day for Using Pinterest?

What’s the most popular time of day for using Pinterest?

One way to get an idea about this is to look at the response times from the Pinterest web servers. When the servers take longer to respond, it’s reasonable to assume it’s because lots of people are hitting the site.

We used the Pingdom service to track response times of over the last few weeks and here’s what we found:

Graph of Pinterest server response times

The times are shown in Eastern Standard Time (EST).

There are four main peaks, suggesting that Pinterest is most busy at the following times: morning (7 AM to 11 AM), lunchtime (1 PM to 2 PM), end of the work day (5 PM to 6 PM), and evening (8PM to 11PM).

If you’re trying to get as many repins as possible, is it best to be pinning at the busiest times? What do you think?

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Could Knowing About Pinterest Get You a Job?


Could knowing about Pinterest get you a better job?

7007 people seem to think so.

That’s the number who now mention Pinterest on their LinkedIn profiles, up from 5095 just 3 weeks ago.

It’s still a very small number compared to the 431,685 who mention Facebook and the 250,481 who mention Twitter, but it represents an impressive 11% week-on-week growth rate.

Is it time to list Pinterest on your LinkedIn profile?

See our Pinterest stats page for more data on Pinterest’s growth and popularity.

Pinterest ‘Pin It’ Buttons Spreading Fast

Amazon and eBay logos
Have you installed ‘Pin It’ buttons on your site yet?

As if pinning wasn’t popular enough already, eBay and Amazon have now added ‘Pin It’ buttons to product pages on their sites.

Pinterest users could already pin items using Pinterest’s browser ‘Pin It’ plugins or copy and pasting the page URL. With integrated buttons, pinning items is even easier.

Amazon Pinterest Button

eBay Pinterest Button


E-commerce sites are the most natural users of these buttons. But with even heavyweights like Amazon and eBay installing Pinterest buttons, could the cute little ‘P’ icon soon become as widespread as the familiar Twitter and Facebook icons?


Pinterest Add Engineering Talent to Battle Downtime and Slow Loading

Homemade Pinterest Logo
What do you do if you’re running one of the fastest-growing websites of all time?

Once you’re done with a few high-profile media interviews, you’d better get serious about hiring people who can help your site stay up.

Get ready for millions more eager visitors hitting it every month.

Pinterest have this morning added another couple of names to their Team page. One is Steve Cohen, a software engineer with experience in architecture and infrastructure at a number of tech firms including Bebo. Another is a chap called Dave who, so far, is a bit of a mystery. It looks like Steve has been with the company since March, but wasn’t listed on their Team page until now.

And in case you’re looking for a job with one of the hottest startups on the planet, their Careers page says they’re still looking to fill a number of roles. One could be particularly important in the months to come: Site Reliability Engineer.

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The Real Truth About Pinterest’s Valuation

Toy Held Precariously High in the Air
TechCrunch’s Alexia Tsotsis wrote today about some rumoured interest in investing in Pinterest at a billion dollar valuation. That would be a crazy amount of money. But probably not for the reason you think.

Pinterest’s growth over the last year has been astonishing by any measure. They’re one of the fastest-growing independent websites of all time. And growth of that sort attracts attention from venture capitalists.

Pinterest’s Valuation

It’s all quite simple. With a growth curve like Pinterest’s, when you project into the future, their current 10 million+ users quickly ramp up to hundreds of millions. That’s pretty staggering. And even though they don’t currently have much in the way of a revenue model, with that many people using your site, there’s got to be a way to make money from them.

That’s why investors are excited. They’re looking to where they think Pinterest is going to be.

But I suspect they’re looking in the wrong place.

Pinterest’s growth curve could be about to look very different.

The End of The (Growth) Road

As we’ve outlined in this blog already, recent data suggest that Pinterest’s impressive growth may be well and truly over.

New data we’ve seen today from AppData look at the number of people logging into Pinterest via their Facebook credentials.

Back in February, that data was showing a consistent, healthy rise to 10 million and beyond.

Now, the graph looks very different. According to AppData, Pinterest’s monthly active users peaked at around 12.4 million back in March and has been falling steadily to around 11.1 million now.

Unless the data start looking very different soon, investors expecting continued hockey stick growth are going to be sorely disappointed.

Is Pinterest worth $1 billion? Let us know in the comments.

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How to Get More Followers on Pinterest

Wondering how to get more followers on Pinterest? The top users are getting over 20,000 new followers every weekHow do they do it?

Let’s look at the five Pinterest users who are gaining followers most quickly at the moment and see what they are doing.

1. Jennifer Chong

Jennifer Chong


Jennifer pins great designs, particularly fashion, home furnishings and delicious-looking food.


Only the most beautiful photographic images are allowed onto Jennifer’s boards.

2. Mike D

Mike D

  • Username: tempspaz
  • New followers this week: 31,841
  • Location: Philly via Cincy
  • Boards: 19, Pins: 4232
  • Popular pin sources:, random others


Mike pins colourful classic / retro artwork and photography, particularly tasty-looking meaty food.


Mike pins images from a very wide range of sites and his food pins appeal to our indulgent side.

3. Maia McDonald

Maia McDonald


Maia pins a range of fashion and food with some interiors. She uses short, 2-6 word descriptions.


Maia pins frequently, but focuses on extremely elegant pins, avoiding anything tacky.

4. Anna H

Anna H


Anna pins great-looking food, art, fashion and interiors.


Anna pins isn’t shy about pinning famous art. She also manages to hunt down some especially beautiful photography.

5. Caitlin Cawley

Caitlin Cawley


Lots of yummy baked products, fashion accessories, homes and cosmetics.


Caitlin’s most popular pins are strong on indulgence, with naughty cakes doing particularly well.

How Can You Get More Pinterest Followers?

Three things seem to be working well for the top pinners we’ve looked at:

  1. Find great photography: don’t pin anything that is less than amazing.
  2. Use a wide range of sources: the top pinners are sourcing images from many different sites.
  3. Consider pinning indulgent food: anything unhealthy but delicious will probably go down well!

What have you seen working well? Are we missing something that these top pinners are doing? And have you tried our recent tips on getting more Pinterest followers?

Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Pinterest Introduce Board Covers

Pinterest boards just got better! Thanks to a new ‘board covers’ feature announced today, you can now choose which pin is used to represent each of your Pinterest boards.

According to Paul from the Pinterest team, this was one of the features that had been most requested by users.

I personally think it’s a great idea. Until now, your most recent pin was effectively the one that represented each board, and that wouldn’t necessarily be the best one. Now, you can choose. Nice.



Now He’s Confirmed It Himself: Paul Sciarra Leaving Pinterest

Paul Sciarra

We posted earlier about how Paul Sciarra was reportedly leaving Pinterest. Paul’s now confirmed it himself with a post on the official Pinterest blog about his departure.

As others had reported, Paul is leaving for a role as Entrepreneur-in-Residence (EIR) at well-known venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz who are investors in Pinterest.

It’s a role which will likely see him founding another startup before long. That suggests that running a startup is something he’s still keen to do. For whatever reason, he wasn’t able to continue doing that at Pinterest. Perhaps people involved felt Ben Silbermann was a better fit for the role. Perhaps there’s another explanation. In any case, we wish Paul well.

Photo from @sciarra

Why is Paul Sciarra Leaving Pinterest?

Man walking away
Why is Paul Sciarra leaving Pinterest?

We were shocked to hear just now that Paul Sciarra, one of the co-founders of Pinterest and officially the startup’s CEO and President, is leaving the company in the next week or so.

Ben Silbermann will be taking on the CEO title.

We’re yet to hear why Paul Sciarra is leaving or, indeed, whether he had a choice in the matter. As Ben had been doing so well in front of the press lately, perhaps Paul himself or others felt he was no longer the best person for the role.

Whatever the situation, we wish all the best to Paul in his next endeavours. Having set up a company like Pinterest, he’s not going to be short of interesting opportunities. And we’re guessing he’ll be leaving with enough equity to do very well out of Pinterest’s success.

[Update: Paul has now confirmed his departure.]

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