World’s Top 5 Pinterest Marketing Experts

World's Top 5 Pinterest Marketing Experts

With millions of active users worldwide, Pinterest is a powerful marketing tool if you know how to use it effectively.

Several firms and freelance marketing consultants have already established themselves as leaders in Pinterest-based marketing; let’s examine some of them, and the valuable lessons we can learn from each.

1. Barrett Niehus. Advertising expert Barrett Niehus is a one-man clearinghouse of information to help individuals and companies increase viral traffic on their Pinterest boards through creative application of SEO. Niehus recommends choosing a Pinterest page title and/or user name identical to the word or phrase you’re trying to rank on search engines. Creating multiple pinboards (and even multiple Pinterest accounts) with the same general theme and keywords also helps increase search engine ranking.

2. Jason Miles. Marketing strategist Jason Miles uses Pinterest as a major component of his advertising, marketing and public relations activities. Miles’ pinboards are packed with free information and advice for other marketing professionals who want to increase their efficacy on Pinterest. His boards can be found here. Miles also maintains a Pinterest marketing blog here.

3. Susan Gunelius. Marketing analyst Susan Gunelius often contributes to Entrepeneur Magazine; she also owns a marketing firm in Florida and has published several books on related topics. Her top tips include being social and connecting with other Pinterest users, pinning only carefully selected, high-quality images and creating pinboards that evoke emotional responses from viewers.

4. Kotex – through its marketing firm, Smoyz – recently launched an interesting and unusual Pinterest campaign designed to gauge customers’ Pinterest usage, increase brand visibility and strengthen a portion of its customer base. The company selected fifty female, highly active Pinterest users and sent each woman a digital “gift” via email. If the women posted about that exchange on Pinterest, Kotex followed up with a real gift sent in the mail. The company found that almost all of the women posted about their digital gift on Pinterest; many also posted on Facebook and other social sites.

5. Proctor & Gamble are using Pinterest to create interest in the upcoming Summer Olympic Games, in which the company is a worldwide partner. Proctor & Gamble have created pinboards dedicated to the mothers of Olympic athletes. Photos and videos in the “Thank You Mum” campaign may be viewed here.

Photo by JenvanW