Pinterest: 3 Simple Yet Little-Known Ways to Get More Repins

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How can you get more repins?

You’ve got your Pinterest account, created your boards, and are using good quality images. It’s one thing getting your Pins in front of your followers, but you are preaching to the converted if they are not sharing them with others. Follow these easy, yet little-known, ways for more re-pins and a bigger return on your Pinterest investment.

1. Use tall pictures. Pinterest limits the width of pictures to 600 pixels, but there is no limit on the height. Taller pictures are more eye-catching, and more likely to be repinned than wide images. Make sure the quality of your pictures is spot on. With so much competition, an unprofessional looking photo will be quickly passed over. Don’t limit yourself to images that relate to your product. Use inspirational quotes, and use tools like Quozio ( to make them look good. Appeal to the current mood. For example, a picture of a sunny, deserted beach in the middle of winter will strike a chord with people longing for summer.

2. Choose your words carefully. Dan Zarrella of HubSpot analyzed over 11,000 pins and found that those repinned the most had descriptions of around 200 characters. He also analyzed the most repinned words and identified recipe, chicken, and minutes were the top three most frequent. The top twenty are mostly cooking and craft related, so consider putting pins in Food & Drink and DIY & Crafts. Post a favourite recipe, like a BBQ marinade in summer, or cocktails at New Year. Your target audience has a life outside of your products, and diversifying will help them relate to you better.

3. Tag other Pinners. Using @ to link your image to other Pinterest users will make it more visible, and increase your number of repins. Use search friendly words to write your caption, so users searching for that product will also find you.

Pinterest is about sharing content. By providing Pins that are attractive, relevant, and easy to relate to, you will get more repins than simply pinning pictures of your products. Make your content appeal to a wider audience, and they will share.

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3 Top Reasons to Leave Pinterest and Join The Fancy

Leaving Pinterest for Fancy
There’s a new, up-and-coming competitor to Pinterest. But what is it and why do you need to know?

The Fancy, less pretentious that its name implies, is slicker and shinier. It’s like a rich new kid who moves to town in the middle of the school year, and effortlessly becomes a style role model for both students and teachers. There is something about The Fancy that makes you want to sit next to them, hoping some of their gloss will rub off.

Pinterest is far from dead, but here are three reasons you should switch your marketing efforts from Pinterest to Fancy.

1. Purpose. Whereas Pinterest was created as an online scrapbook, The Fancy was designed as a marketing portal. It is made for selling, giving users a viable platform from which to generate revenue. It gives users the same ability to create boards with things they have found online and like, but also allows them to click straight though and buy them. It lets brands offer deals on items that have a high number of Fancies, directly targeting consumers who have already shown an interest.

2. Numbers. “Ah”, you say, “but Pinterest has over 11 million users, while The Fancy only has around 250,000. My Pins will reach a wider market than my Fancies”. It is true that The Fancy has a much smaller user base than Pinterest, however it is growing rapidly. Even better, The Fancy’s appeal is broader. While 98% of American Pinterest users are women, The Fancy’s demographic is much more evenly split, with 60% of their users being men. The Fancy’s users are much more active, averaging nearly 67 Fancies per user, compared with 3 Pins.

3. Style. If Pinterest is Good Housekeeping and Oprah, then The Fancy is Think Design or luxe, catering for an audience that sees themselves as leading the way when it comes to style and technology trends.

If you have struggled to fit your company and products into the Pinterest mold, you really should check out The Fancy. Not only does it put you directly in front of your main audience, it makes it quick and easy for them to buy.

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Are You Doing These 5 Things When You Pin an Image to Pinterest?

How to Make Your Images Succeed on Pinterest

How do you make your images succeed on Pinterest?

We all know that Pinterest has the potential to be a fabulous marketing tool: 21% of users have bought something they have found on the site. It is free, there are 11 million users, and it is quick and easy to get started. However, given the pace at which it moves and the number of pictures you have to compete with, it can be difficult to make yours stand out. Here are five things you should definitely do every time you pin an image in Pinterest.

1. Use keywords and hashtags in your descriptions. Just as you would do when writing on your website, add a search-friendly description of up to 200 characters, then hastags with the main ones. For example: Fall/Winter 2012-2013 Fashion Trends: Metallics. Go for fashion Gold, Silver, or Bronze with new season metallics #metallic. Good Housekeeping (@goodhousemag) is a good example of how to do it right.

2. Make sure you link your image back to the specific page on your website that relates to it. It is no good pinning an image relating to a product or article, then directing interested people to your front page. Take them directly to it – just as you would in a store.

3. Create a catchy title. Perfect Palette (@perfectpalette), one of the most followed businesses on Pinterest, is a great example, with titles like Sunshine Soiree, for a yellow mood board, and Home for the Holidays for Christmas related pins

4. Credit the source of the image. It’s courteous and respectful to state where your image came from if you don’t own it. If they are on Pinterest, link to them with an @, otherwise make sure it links back to where you found it. Definitely don’t try and pass someone else’s image off as your own!

5. Use good quality photographs. They should be crisp and professional looking. Pinterest allows images up to 600 pixels wide, but there is no limit on height. Interestingly, taller pictures are repinned more often than wider pictures.

It also helps to post in the Food & Drink and DIY & Crafts section, as these are areas where most repins originate from. Every one of your pins is a reflection on your business. Think about your intended market and pin to suit their interests.

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The World’s Top 5 Pinterest Marketing Success Stories

World's Top 5 Pinterest Marketing Success Stories

If Pinterest’s meteoric growth in members isn’t enough to convince you that using it needs to be part of your marketing strategy, maybe this will motivate you: Shopify found that customers spend twice as much when they come to their sites via Pinterest, than if they come via Facebook or Twitter.

Here are our top 5 Pinterest marketing success stories.

1) Etsy (@etsy) was an early adopter of Pinterest as a marketing tool, and have since confirmed it is their number one traffic driver. They have nearly 90,000 followers, 1,609 pins and 30 boards. They don’t just promote items for sale on their site; their success comes from good quality information, like tutorials on DIY projects. Etsy understands that social networking is a two-way street and they interact well with followers.

2) Christine Martinez (@chrisem) is a stylist and fashion blogger. She has 984,088 users following 6,262 pins over 44 boards. Christine is the third most followed Pinterest user. She is not a conglomerate; she is one person proving that Pinterest can give a business a worldwide profile. Christine has used Pinterest to successfully build her own brand, sending her career soaring.

3) Wedding Republic (@WeddingRepublic) saw a 75% increase in traffic to their website after they started using Pinterest. Despite a relatively small number of Pinterest followers, their use of good quality photos, each linking back to their online wedding registry site, has successfully boosted their profile among their target market (Pinterest is very popular with brides-to-be), all for free.

4) Today (@todayshow) uses Pinterest to successfully connect with its audience. They provide information viewers want, from recipes to behind the scenes photos. They use Pinterest as an extension of their website ( to keep viewers interested and involved when they are not on air.

5) Whole Foods Market (@wholefoods) has gained nearly 31,000 followers in less than a year after opening their Pinterest account. Their boards don’t focus just on food, but on things their customers are interested in: growing good produce, being fit and healthy, fashion, high-tech gadgets, and the environment. They use Pinterest not so much to generate traffic, but to build their brand.

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The World’s Top 5 Pinterest Marketing Guides

Sign saying "This Way"
Pinterest is no longer the little brother in the social network marketing world, tagging along in the shadow of Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest’s growth has spawned a huge array of guides aimed to help marketing professionals promote their business via Twitter.

Here is our pick of the best.

World's Top 5 Pinterest Marketing Guides
1) Quick Sprout has a great, easy to follow guide to using Pinterest as an effective marketing tool for beginners. It covers all the basics, including how to upload video and the best way to connect visually with your client base.

2) 9Clouds Advanced Guide to Marketing with Pinterest is a free eBook with step-by-step instructions from the people at They help you define a specific marketing strategy, and cover issues like copyright.

3) The Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Guide by inBoundPRO is a straightforward guide suitable for both beginners and experienced Pinterest users, covering everything from getting started, to increasing your followers, increasing traffic, dos and don’ts, the legalities, and a lot of other tips and trips. It is not one single guide; rather it is a summary of the best articles available online, broken into easy to find categories.

4) Social Media Examiner has published 26 Tips for Using Pinterest for Business. Some of the tips are fairly basic, like using keywords and hashtags; but others, like using Pinterest as a focus point, are invaluable to marketers using Pinterest.

5) The Complete Pinterest Guide for Brands is a comprehensive eBook show marketers how to make the most of the time on Pinterest by engaging your customer base and optimizing your content.

Other useful guides worth checking out include Template Monster’s and Online Income’s eBook: Complete Pinterest Guide | SEO and Traffic Generation With Pinterest. Use a tool like Google Analytics or Pin Alerts to see what content has the most impact so you know where to best direct your efforts.

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The World’s Top 5 Pinterest Tools

Pinterest Tools
The exploding growth in Pinterest user numbers has led to a new market in tools developed to help pinners get the most out of their accounts.

Here’s our pick of the top Pinterest tools available today.

World's Best Pinterest Tools
1) Pinerly ( is a Pinterest dashboard. It’s still in beta phase and for members only. It includes tools to help you manage pins and boards, followers, and analyze your success. It is still in the early stages, but definitely a tool to get sooner than later.

2) Curalate ( is for those serious about using Pinterest to grow their business using social media. It has three tiers of monthly subscription, with each offering a free trial. It tracks and analyzes Facebook Likes and Tweets originating from Pinterest, so you can see what content is most effective.

3) PicMonkey ( is a snappy photo editing and collage creation service. It’s free and easy to use. It’s great if you’re a Pinterst user who uploads a lot of your own photos and graphics, perhaps from your website or blog.

4) Pinstamatic ( allows you to not only pin photos, but locations, quotes, music from Spotify, Twitter profiles, locations, and calendar dates. It adds loads of variety and depth to your Pinterest boards by going beyond just photos.

5) PinReach ( is a Pinfluence measuring tool. There are several similar tools available, but PinReach is one of the best for its ease of use and clear graphics. It allows you to track your number of pins, re-pins, and followers in a cohesive way.

Honorable mentions:

· Pinpuff ( calculates Pinfluence and offers gifts and goodies to influential pinners who sign up.

· SpinPicks ( is still in beta testing but looks like a promising way of allowing users to pin from other social networking sites. It aims to link to the original source

· Pinterest Pro (Chrome Web Store link) gives instant zoom, allows easy pinning from anywhere on the internet, and gives a list of trending pins.

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5 Time Saving Tips for Pinterest

While Pinterest is an excellent site for finding ideas, it can also drain away precious time. It is far to easy to get sucked into the page after page of pictures and forget why you got on in the first place. Here are five ways to save time while using Pinterest.

1) Set a time limit.

It is easy to get started repinning and totally lose track of time. Set a timer that has an alarm to tell you when it is time to stop pinning. Then move on. Do not allow Pinterest to suck away time you do not have, but do use it as a reward or relaxation to take a break from more serious tasks.

2) Go online with a plan.

Do not randomly click through the pins on your homepage and hope you come up with something useful. Go on Pinterest with a goal in mind. Decide what you are looking for and stick to it. If you are interested in finding recipes, search for recipes, if you are looking for craft ideas for May Day, do a search specific to those activities.

3) Create more boards.

Though it takes more time in the beginning to set up a large number of boards, it will save you time in the long run. Have a board for gardening, a board for each room of your house, a board for ideas for each child in the family etcetera. Then, when you return to the site for something it will be easy to find and you will not have to waste time looking for it. This significantly lowers the chances of getting distracted by other unrelated pins.

4) Use URLs to reach information faster.

When going online to gain instructions from things already pinned, skip the homepage and go straight to the board where it is housed. The URL for each board is formatted like: personal Pinterest URL/your board name. So, for example,’s-alphabet-activities. This will prevent you from being distracted by new posts on your homepage when you enter in site.

5) Look for ways to save time in your real life while using Pinterest.

Use Pinterest to find better ways to organize your family. Create a week or month worth of menus and plan a shopping list on your board. Find time saving tips and tricks that you can apply so that Pinterest is actually saving you time and simplifying your life, rather than sponging time away.

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7 Surprising Things You Can Find on Pinterest

Cat Learning About Pinterest
Pinterest is growing faster than just about any other site, with over 17 million unique visits last month. And it’s not just about looking at pretty pictures. Here are seven surprising things you can find on Pinterest.

1. Expert Advice – Pinterest is not just for amateurs. Many professionals, like fashion guru Nina Garcia, have Pinterest boards you can follow for up to date trends and information.

2. Shopping Links – Any pin that has a price in the top left corner will also show on the Gift page for you to buy. You can also click through to the selling site from the pin.

3. Content for Presentations – when preparing a presentation, just enter your topic into Pinterest’s search bar to find a range of photos and links to related information.

4. Traffic – you can find out what content is being pinned from your website by going to This will help you see what is popular, and help you drive traffic more effectively.

5. Customers – Pinterest is a really effective way of generating traffic to your blog or website. Pinning from your own site enables people to click through. Make sure you have a ‘Follow Me On Pinterest’ badge on your website and blog so people can find you. It’s also a good way to show your brand.

6. A Job – Use Pinterest as a virtual resume. If your work is visual, such as photography, fashion, hair and beauty, or graphic design, pin pictures of work you have done and link them back to your own website (be aware of Pinterest’s limited copyright protection). If you are interviewing at a particular company, see if they have a Pinterest account which can give you useful insight. You can also find tips on job applications and interview techniques.

7. Professional Connections – Pinterest allows you to interact with people who have similar interests to you. It may have started as a social networking site, but it’s a great way to make business contacts too.

8 Ways to Screw Up Your Pinterest Profile

With so many profiles on Pinterest, it’s easy for yours to get lost. Here are 8 key mistakes you might be making.

1. A confusing profile picture. Avoid complicated pictures or writing. Make sure your profile picture is both eye-catching and identifiable when it’s small, such as on a comment

2. A boring bio. Along with a good profile picture, have a good bio. Make it interesting and a little funny, and not simply dry and factual. If people think your bio is interesting they will think your pins are interesting.

3. Pinning too much. No one wants their Pinterest timeline blocked up by one person. Try to pin no more than five to seven things a day, and space them out a little so they are not all in one block.

4. Not having original content. Re-pinning is fine occasionally, but people use Pinterest to see new things, so give them what they are looking for.

5. Bland folder names. Be descriptive and creative with your folder names. Don’t limit yourself to ‘Food’, try ‘Delicious Desserts’ instead. Also use the hashtag # to identify what is in the folder, so people will find it when they search on that topic. Use hashtags when pinning as well. People who like one of your pins may check out your other ones.

6. Not being social. Pinterest is for networking. The more you put into it, the more you will get back. Regularly update your boards and comment nicely on other people’s pins to raise your Pinterest profile.

7. Not having many boards. Popular Pinterest users have a lot of boards, with a lot of pins. Even if you are only interested in one topic you can still have a lot of boards. Pinterest users have boards for watches, flowers, even colours. Diversity is interesting, and interesting is good.

8. Not sharing your Pinterest profile. Put Pinterest badges on your blog, website and Facebook account. Tweet your pins and include your Pinterest page in your email or forum signature.


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Little Known Ways to Get More Pinterest Followers

Lots of Followers

Pinterest is rapidly becoming as popular as Facebook and Twitter in some social networking circles, but it can be frustrating trying to gain followers. Use these little known techniques to boost your numbers.

1. Plan. Be organised in what you offer. Have daily or weekly theme for your pins and update your content regularly. Aim for around 5 pins a day.

2. Seek out beautiful and interesting pictures. If you are a good photographer take your own, otherwise use sites like Tumblr and StumbleUpon.

3. Encourage users to add to your boards. Ask on a pin if they know of something similar or better, and suggest they pin it there.

4. Follow others and comment on their pins. Pinterest is a community and, like Twitter and Facebook, you have to give to get back.

5. Use an eye-catching profile picture. A clear picture will help your comments stand out.

6. Sync your Pinterest account with and Twitter. You can easily share pins with followers on other sites.

7. Add a Pinterest tab to your Facebook page. Many bloggers have a ‘Follow Me on Pinterest’ button on their blog, but not many also have one on their Facebook page. Lowes increased followers of their Pinterest account by 32% just by adding a Pinterest tab on their Facebook page

8. Use hashtags to help people find your pins by subject. For example: #chicken #recipe. Also use @name to talk about popular Pinners.

9. Be creative when naming your boards.

10. Pay others to promote your account. Use sites like to find the best deal.