6 Little Known Facts About Pinterest


How much do you know about Pinterest?

As the Pinterest sensation grows, here are six facts that you probably didn’t know that might change the way you view Pinterest forever:

1. Pinterest can be used for genealogy research. Text documents, like copies of census information previously only available on microfilm or in genealogical databases, are finding their way onto Pinterest. Users are connecting old family stories with pictures and building a rich catalog of family history that might otherwise be lost.

2.Over 100 major brands are using Pinterest as a marketing tool. Many major brands like Gap and Pillsbury saw the promise of Pinterest as a marketing tool and jumped on board. Now, small business owners and cooperatives like Etsy are also joining the fray. This could be because Pinterest is generating more referral traffic than Google Plus, LinkedIn and YouTube combined.

3. Pins come from a very wide range of sources. They are supposed to represent things people like but did not create. Etsy is the most common source for “pinspirations,” but only makes up about three percent of the total pins linked on Pinterest. Users are encouraged by the user agreement not to post or solicit their own work on Pinterest.

4. Pinterest is not new. Pinterest launched in November of 2009, and ended beta testing in 2010.

5. People are using Pinterest not only to gain inspiration but to stay organized. In an independent analysis reported by Engauge Power Panel, 57 percent of people claimed they used Pinterest as inspiration not only for their hobbies, but also for their careers. Forty-seven percent claimed it helped keep their thoughts and ideas organized. Fifty-three percent said that Pinterest allowed them to dream of a time when they can have beautiful things, and 32 percent said it allowed them to share their ideas with others.

6. The average Pinterest user spends 89 minutes per month sharing on Pinterest. They have 171 pins distributed over three boards, and have just over 200 followers.