What Are the Most Popular Times of Day for Using Pinterest?

What’s the most popular time of day for using Pinterest?

One way to get an idea about this is to look at the response times from the Pinterest web servers. When the servers take longer to respond, it’s reasonable to assume it’s because lots of people are hitting the site.

We used the Pingdom service to track response times of Pinterest.com over the last few weeks and here’s what we found:

Graph of Pinterest server response times

The times are shown in Eastern Standard Time (EST).

There are four main peaks, suggesting that Pinterest is most busy at the following times: morning (7 AM to 11 AM), lunchtime (1 PM to 2 PM), end of the work day (5 PM to 6 PM), and evening (8PM to 11PM).

If you’re trying to get as many repins as possible, is it best to be pinning at the busiest times? What do you think?

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