Facebook Execs Jump Ship to Pinterest

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Has Pinterest now become the hottest startup in Silicon Valley?

If recent employee moves are anything to go by, it could have. Along with a slumping post-IPO stock price, Facebook now seem to be losing top-performing executives. And Facebook’s loss has been Pinterest’s gain.

Nicholas Carlson reports for Business Insider about how Don Faul, Facebook’s VP of online operations, has left the company for a job at Pinterest. Pando Daily’s Sarah Lacy writes about the departure, too, and about how¬†communications exec Barry Schnitt has also joined Pinterest from Facebook. She raises the question of whether Pinterest is now the place to be for top talent.

One thing’s for sure: with great people joining the Pinterest team, it bodes well for the company’s future.

What do you think? Are we going to see more star employees making a move to Pinterest?

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  1. The biggest move was Tim Kendall – the guy who built the FB monetization plan. He was reported to have moved to Pinterest 6 weeks or so ago in Fortune Magazine. Pinterest is acquiring the best.

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