Get More Pinterest Followers Now

How can you get more followers on Pinterest?

Here are five ways to increase your influence and get more people to follow you.

1. Link Your Pinterest with other Social Media Platforms

A great way of instantly getting more followers is for you to link your Pinterest profile with your Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can do this by syncing your Pinterest profile with the other two platforms. After doing this, you can find out who in your friends list is already using Pinterest, and even send out invites to those who aren’t. Facebook and Twitter possess the bulk of users and by syncing these two platforms with your Pinterest account, you will automatically drive traffic to your Pinterest profile and get more followers.

2. Create Tutorial-Based Boards

People are always on the lookout to learn ways of doing things. Perhaps knitting is a subject that some Pinterest users are interested in. You can take advantage of this information to create tutorial boards that contain step-by-step guides on how to go about knitting. Adding clear and colorful photos in each board and using language that is simple and interesting will draw in more followers. People will be hooked to your profile and will wait, week after week, for more tutorials. This can even land you a cult following.

3. Put a Pinterest Plugin in your Blog or Site

Harnessing the power of social media in order to maximize it calls for a proactive approach. If you are running a blog, ensure that every time you post a blog blurb, have a plugin to your Pinterest profile at the bottom of each post asking them to find out more information about you or share your post on Pinterest which will lead them to your Pinterest profile.

4. Post Regularly

Taking an active and continuous role in updating your profile with fresh information will keep the interest of followers piqued by, for example, posting every two days. An active board quickly becomes a popular board, and will entice followers to recommend your profile to their friends.

5. Get Creative in Board Naming

The idea here is to make sure that you give the boards unique and eye-catching titles. Things to put into consideration here include using titles that appeal to the emotional side of users and using positive and enthusiastic words in the titles.

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So there it is – five quick and simple ways of getting more Pinterest followers. The important thing is to have fun with these, keep exploring and don’t be afraid to personalize these tips to suit your needs.

What are your favourite tips for getting more Pinterest followers?


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  1. I agree with the tutorial board. Why didn’t I think of that? i’m going to create one now.

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