How to Promote Your Business on Pinterest (Interview with Claire Broadley)

How can you use Pinterest to promote your business? Today we ask Claire Broadley of Red Robot Media for her views.

Claire is a SEO copywriter and technical writer for Red Robot Media, a content creation company based in the UK. She writes copy, articles, blogs and brochures for clients around the world. Her business started off as a kitchen table venture last year. but quickly grew; now, Red Robot Media employs a small team and also creates videos and ebooks.

1. When and how did you first get into Pinterest marketing?

I’ve had a personal Pinterest account for some time, and I found it was quite useful for gathering relevant images into a central spot. That inspired me to create a business presence on the site.

2. What’s your involvement with Pinterest marketing day-to-day at the moment?

I dip in and out of Pinterest, mostly to add portfolio work. I also use it for clients to help promote the blogs and articles I write for them.

3. Are you seeing a lot of interest from clients for Pinterest marketing?

Some more than others, but it’s definitely a useful tool when it’s done well. One of our clients is in the travel industry, and Pinterest works well for them.

4. How should business owners decide whether or not to spend time on Pinterest when there are so many other things they could be doing?

I think it comes down to your business and what your’re trying to promote. Selling a service on Pinterest is more difficult than selling a product, in my experience, although you can get creative and do both.

5. For businesses that are already using Pinterest to some extent, what’s one top thing most of them could improve to make their efforts more effective?

Come up with an interesting way to promote your brand visually. Pinterest is a vast, fast-flowing social site, so the key is to attract the eye with something unusual.

6. What are some Pinterest marketing campaigns you’re particularly proud of/impressed by?

I love the puzzle campaign Peugeot ran. Turning a pinboard into a jigsaw is genius, and it inspired Pinterest users to use other social sites to fit pieces together.

7. What’s your favorite Pinterest marketing tip for more advanced Pinterest merketers?

Mix it up a bit. I see a lot of infographics in my Pinterest stream; there’s nothing wrong with posting infographics, but if you post too many, they become less striking.

8. How do you see the world of Pinterest evolving over the next 12 months?

I can see users wanting more than just photos and videos. The ability to pin articles would turn Pinterest into a very useful social bookmarking website.

9. How can people best find you online?

People can find information about our SEO copywriting and technical writing services at Our pinterest page is

Thank you, Claire!

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