How to Run a Pinterest Contest


One way in which Pinterest can be used as part of a social media strategy is through contests for things such as “who can make the best pins and pinboards.”

If you would like to run such a contest to promote your own businesses as part of your own social media strategy, here are three things to consider.

1. Make it Easy to Enter

First of all, you should make your contest easy to enter. Remember that this is on a social network that was intended to be fun, friendly and engaging to your audience. A contest should look like something fun and spur-of-the-moment, not a cheap promotional tool.

2. Have a Worthwhile Prize

The second thing you should be keeping in mind is that the prize should be worthwhile for the contest winners. Your prize will be dependent upon what kind of business or website you have, but popular prizes include gift certificates or prize packages made up of special gifts from your site.

3. Decide What Type of Contest to Run

You should also know well in advance what kind of contest you want to run. Pinterest can run a few different kinds of contests such as a “Pin It to Win It” contests for the most creative board dedicated to a specific theme, photo contests for the most creative themed photographs, and contests to see which pins can receive the most “likes” from other users.

Pinterest contests can be easy for people to participate in, and they can be a lot of fun. Most importantly, they are a great way for you to build excitement for your brand or website.

Photo by Philo Nordlund

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