Little Known Ways to Get More Pinterest Followers

Lots of Followers

Pinterest is rapidly becoming as popular as Facebook and Twitter in some social networking circles, but it can be frustrating trying to gain followers. Use these little known techniques to boost your numbers.

1. Plan. Be organised in what you offer. Have daily or weekly theme for your pins and update your content regularly. Aim for around 5 pins a day.

2. Seek out beautiful and interesting pictures. If you are a good photographer take your own, otherwise use sites like Tumblr and StumbleUpon.

3. Encourage users to add to your boards. Ask on a pin if they know of something similar or better, and suggest they pin it there.

4. Follow others and comment on their pins. Pinterest is a community and, like Twitter and Facebook, you have to give to get back.

5. Use an eye-catching profile picture. A clear picture will help your comments stand out.

6. Sync your Pinterest account with and Twitter. You can easily share pins with followers on other sites.

7. Add a Pinterest tab to your Facebook page. Many bloggers have a ‘Follow Me on Pinterest’ button on their blog, but not many also have one on their Facebook page. Lowes increased followers of their Pinterest account by 32% just by adding a Pinterest tab on their Facebook page

8. Use hashtags to help people find your pins by subject. For example: #chicken #recipe. Also use @name to talk about popular Pinners.

9. Be creative when naming your boards.

10. Pay others to promote your account. Use sites like to find the best deal.

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