The World’s Top 5 Pinterest Marketing Success Stories

World's Top 5 Pinterest Marketing Success Stories

If Pinterest’s meteoric growth in members isn’t enough to convince you that using it needs to be part of your marketing strategy, maybe this will motivate you: Shopify found that customers spend twice as much when they come to their sites via Pinterest, than if they come via Facebook or Twitter.

Here are our top 5 Pinterest marketing success stories.

1) Etsy (@etsy) was an early adopter of Pinterest as a marketing tool, and have since confirmed it is their number one traffic driver. They have nearly 90,000 followers, 1,609 pins and 30 boards. They don’t just promote items for sale on their site; their success comes from good quality information, like tutorials on DIY projects. Etsy understands that social networking is a two-way street and they interact well with followers.

2) Christine Martinez (@chrisem) is a stylist and fashion blogger. She has 984,088 users following 6,262 pins over 44 boards. Christine is the third most followed Pinterest user. She is not a conglomerate; she is one person proving that Pinterest can give a business a worldwide profile. Christine has used Pinterest to successfully build her own brand, sending her career soaring.

3) Wedding Republic (@WeddingRepublic) saw a 75% increase in traffic to their website after they started using Pinterest. Despite a relatively small number of Pinterest followers, their use of good quality photos, each linking back to their online wedding registry site, has successfully boosted their profile among their target market (Pinterest is very popular with brides-to-be), all for free.

4) Today (@todayshow) uses Pinterest to successfully connect with its audience. They provide information viewers want, from recipes to behind the scenes photos. They use Pinterest as an extension of their website ( to keep viewers interested and involved when they are not on air.

5) Whole Foods Market (@wholefoods) has gained nearly 31,000 followers in less than a year after opening their Pinterest account. Their boards don’t focus just on food, but on things their customers are interested in: growing good produce, being fit and healthy, fashion, high-tech gadgets, and the environment. They use Pinterest not so much to generate traffic, but to build their brand.

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The World’s Top 5 Pinterest Marketing Guides

Sign saying "This Way"
Pinterest is no longer the little brother in the social network marketing world, tagging along in the shadow of Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest’s growth has spawned a huge array of guides aimed to help marketing professionals promote their business via Twitter.

Here is our pick of the best.

World's Top 5 Pinterest Marketing Guides
1) Quick Sprout has a great, easy to follow guide to using Pinterest as an effective marketing tool for beginners. It covers all the basics, including how to upload video and the best way to connect visually with your client base.

2) 9Clouds Advanced Guide to Marketing with Pinterest is a free eBook with step-by-step instructions from the people at They help you define a specific marketing strategy, and cover issues like copyright.

3) The Ultimate Pinterest Marketing Guide by inBoundPRO is a straightforward guide suitable for both beginners and experienced Pinterest users, covering everything from getting started, to increasing your followers, increasing traffic, dos and don’ts, the legalities, and a lot of other tips and trips. It is not one single guide; rather it is a summary of the best articles available online, broken into easy to find categories.

4) Social Media Examiner has published 26 Tips for Using Pinterest for Business. Some of the tips are fairly basic, like using keywords and hashtags; but others, like using Pinterest as a focus point, are invaluable to marketers using Pinterest.

5) The Complete Pinterest Guide for Brands is a comprehensive eBook show marketers how to make the most of the time on Pinterest by engaging your customer base and optimizing your content.

Other useful guides worth checking out include Template Monster’s and Online Income’s eBook: Complete Pinterest Guide | SEO and Traffic Generation With Pinterest. Use a tool like Google Analytics or Pin Alerts to see what content has the most impact so you know where to best direct your efforts.

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Great Pinterest Presentation from SMX Advanced Seattle

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Here’s a great presentation on Pinterest marketing tactics from the recent SMX Advanced Seattle conference.

The slides are focused on techniques to hand-craft pins to go viral, drive large volumes of traffic to your site, and get you lots of links. The examples included are a little old now in Pinterest terms, but overall this is definitely worth a look.

(from Vince Blackham of 97th Floor)

Have you tried these sorts of tactics? Are they still working? What results have you seen?

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Should You Have a Pinterest Board just for Promotions?

Poster offering fresh lemonade
What topics should you choose for your Pinterest boards?

Search Engine Land has a good article today with a few recommendations about this (the wider article is about whether and how local business owners can use Pinterest as part of their marketing efforts).

In her article, author Stephanie Hobbs covers the basics of Pinterest marketing. One suggestion I particularly like is to set up separate boards for special offers and discounts, for example “Under $50” or “On Sale”. Doing this gives people a clear reason to follow a particular board, so should help in getting more Pinterest followers.

That’s the theory. But how does it work in practice?

Have you tried pinning promotions to a dedicated board? How has it worked for you?

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Could Knowing About Pinterest Get You a Job?


Could knowing about Pinterest get you a better job?

7007 people seem to think so.

That’s the number who now mention Pinterest on their LinkedIn profiles, up from 5095 just 3 weeks ago.

It’s still a very small number compared to the 431,685 who mention Facebook and the 250,481 who mention Twitter, but it represents an impressive 11% week-on-week growth rate.

Is it time to list Pinterest on your LinkedIn profile?

See our Pinterest stats page for more data on Pinterest’s growth and popularity.

7 Reasons to Promote Your Business on Pinterest

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You’re busy already. Why should you be trying to promote your business on Pinterest, too?

Used the right way, Pinterest is a valuable marketing tool that can put your business in front of a captive and targeted audience. If you have products that appeal to typical Pinterest users, you need to take advantage of this social media site.

Here are seven reasons why.

1. Targeted audience. The Pinterest crowd focuses specifically on arts and crafts, design, do it yourself, homemade items, and similar topics. You need to take advantage of Pinterest if your business falls in to one of these categories.

2. Easy setup. Pinterest boards are not complicated to set up and maintain. You won’t spend much marketing time setting up or maintaining your board.

3. Profile page promotion. You can put all of your business information on your Pinterest profile page. When a prospective customer looks through your board, you let them know your web information and other important sites.

4. No cost. Pinterest does not cost anything to set up, even for businesses. If you’re looking for low cost ways to promote your business, you shouldn’t skip over Pinterest.

5. High click-through rates. Pinterest has a good click through rate from boards. You get targeted, quality traffic that’s already interested in seeing what you have to offer.

6. Personal interaction with customers. Like other social media sites, you have a direct line to your customer base. They can let you know exactly what they’re thinking when it comes to your products. When you interact with your customers, you get a sense of exactly what your target market is looking for.

7. Large user base. Pinterest has a huge user base, now over 20 million visitors per week according to Experian. This sheer scale means that, together with the site’s demographic focus, you can’t get a much better place to promote a business targeting this sort of audience.

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How to Get More Followers on Pinterest

Wondering how to get more followers on Pinterest? The top users are getting over 20,000 new followers every weekHow do they do it?

Let’s look at the five Pinterest users who are gaining followers most quickly at the moment and see what they are doing.

1. Jennifer Chong

Jennifer Chong


Jennifer pins great designs, particularly fashion, home furnishings and delicious-looking food.


Only the most beautiful photographic images are allowed onto Jennifer’s boards.

2. Mike D

Mike D

  • Username: tempspaz
  • New followers this week: 31,841
  • Location: Philly via Cincy
  • Boards: 19, Pins: 4232
  • Popular pin sources:, random others


Mike pins colourful classic / retro artwork and photography, particularly tasty-looking meaty food.


Mike pins images from a very wide range of sites and his food pins appeal to our indulgent side.

3. Maia McDonald

Maia McDonald


Maia pins a range of fashion and food with some interiors. She uses short, 2-6 word descriptions.


Maia pins frequently, but focuses on extremely elegant pins, avoiding anything tacky.

4. Anna H

Anna H


Anna pins great-looking food, art, fashion and interiors.


Anna pins isn’t shy about pinning famous art. She also manages to hunt down some especially beautiful photography.

5. Caitlin Cawley

Caitlin Cawley


Lots of yummy baked products, fashion accessories, homes and cosmetics.


Caitlin’s most popular pins are strong on indulgence, with naughty cakes doing particularly well.

How Can You Get More Pinterest Followers?

Three things seem to be working well for the top pinners we’ve looked at:

  1. Find great photography: don’t pin anything that is less than amazing.
  2. Use a wide range of sources: the top pinners are sourcing images from many different sites.
  3. Consider pinning indulgent food: anything unhealthy but delicious will probably go down well!

What have you seen working well? Are we missing something that these top pinners are doing? And have you tried our recent tips on getting more Pinterest followers?

Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Get More Pinterest Followers Now

How can you get more followers on Pinterest?

Here are five ways to increase your influence and get more people to follow you.

1. Link Your Pinterest with other Social Media Platforms

A great way of instantly getting more followers is for you to link your Pinterest profile with your Facebook and Twitter accounts. You can do this by syncing your Pinterest profile with the other two platforms. After doing this, you can find out who in your friends list is already using Pinterest, and even send out invites to those who aren’t. Facebook and Twitter possess the bulk of users and by syncing these two platforms with your Pinterest account, you will automatically drive traffic to your Pinterest profile and get more followers.

2. Create Tutorial-Based Boards

People are always on the lookout to learn ways of doing things. Perhaps knitting is a subject that some Pinterest users are interested in. You can take advantage of this information to create tutorial boards that contain step-by-step guides on how to go about knitting. Adding clear and colorful photos in each board and using language that is simple and interesting will draw in more followers. People will be hooked to your profile and will wait, week after week, for more tutorials. This can even land you a cult following.

3. Put a Pinterest Plugin in your Blog or Site

Harnessing the power of social media in order to maximize it calls for a proactive approach. If you are running a blog, ensure that every time you post a blog blurb, have a plugin to your Pinterest profile at the bottom of each post asking them to find out more information about you or share your post on Pinterest which will lead them to your Pinterest profile.

4. Post Regularly

Taking an active and continuous role in updating your profile with fresh information will keep the interest of followers piqued by, for example, posting every two days. An active board quickly becomes a popular board, and will entice followers to recommend your profile to their friends.

5. Get Creative in Board Naming

The idea here is to make sure that you give the boards unique and eye-catching titles. Things to put into consideration here include using titles that appeal to the emotional side of users and using positive and enthusiastic words in the titles.

Further Resources


So there it is – five quick and simple ways of getting more Pinterest followers. The important thing is to have fun with these, keep exploring and don’t be afraid to personalize these tips to suit your needs.

What are your favourite tips for getting more Pinterest followers?


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8 Ways to Screw Up Your Pinterest Profile

With so many profiles on Pinterest, it’s easy for yours to get lost. Here are 8 key mistakes you might be making.

1. A confusing profile picture. Avoid complicated pictures or writing. Make sure your profile picture is both eye-catching and identifiable when it’s small, such as on a comment

2. A boring bio. Along with a good profile picture, have a good bio. Make it interesting and a little funny, and not simply dry and factual. If people think your bio is interesting they will think your pins are interesting.

3. Pinning too much. No one wants their Pinterest timeline blocked up by one person. Try to pin no more than five to seven things a day, and space them out a little so they are not all in one block.

4. Not having original content. Re-pinning is fine occasionally, but people use Pinterest to see new things, so give them what they are looking for.

5. Bland folder names. Be descriptive and creative with your folder names. Don’t limit yourself to ‘Food’, try ‘Delicious Desserts’ instead. Also use the hashtag # to identify what is in the folder, so people will find it when they search on that topic. Use hashtags when pinning as well. People who like one of your pins may check out your other ones.

6. Not being social. Pinterest is for networking. The more you put into it, the more you will get back. Regularly update your boards and comment nicely on other people’s pins to raise your Pinterest profile.

7. Not having many boards. Popular Pinterest users have a lot of boards, with a lot of pins. Even if you are only interested in one topic you can still have a lot of boards. Pinterest users have boards for watches, flowers, even colours. Diversity is interesting, and interesting is good.

8. Not sharing your Pinterest profile. Put Pinterest badges on your blog, website and Facebook account. Tweet your pins and include your Pinterest page in your email or forum signature.


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Little Known Ways to Get More Pinterest Followers

Lots of Followers

Pinterest is rapidly becoming as popular as Facebook and Twitter in some social networking circles, but it can be frustrating trying to gain followers. Use these little known techniques to boost your numbers.

1. Plan. Be organised in what you offer. Have daily or weekly theme for your pins and update your content regularly. Aim for around 5 pins a day.

2. Seek out beautiful and interesting pictures. If you are a good photographer take your own, otherwise use sites like Tumblr and StumbleUpon.

3. Encourage users to add to your boards. Ask on a pin if they know of something similar or better, and suggest they pin it there.

4. Follow others and comment on their pins. Pinterest is a community and, like Twitter and Facebook, you have to give to get back.

5. Use an eye-catching profile picture. A clear picture will help your comments stand out.

6. Sync your Pinterest account with and Twitter. You can easily share pins with followers on other sites.

7. Add a Pinterest tab to your Facebook page. Many bloggers have a ‘Follow Me on Pinterest’ button on their blog, but not many also have one on their Facebook page. Lowes increased followers of their Pinterest account by 32% just by adding a Pinterest tab on their Facebook page

8. Use hashtags to help people find your pins by subject. For example: #chicken #recipe. Also use @name to talk about popular Pinners.

9. Be creative when naming your boards.

10. Pay others to promote your account. Use sites like to find the best deal.