Pinterest Release Second Spanish Language Option

Spanish sports fans in stadium
Is it to celebrate the Spanish team reaching the final of the Euro 2012 soccer tournament, or just coincidence? Either way, Pinterest have just rolled out a new language option: Iberian Spanish.

So Pinterest now has support for the Latin American and European flavors of Spanish. Spanish speakers represent around 400 million potential users (although many were using the English-language version already).

According to the official Pinterest blog, a Brazilian Portuguese version will be launching in the next few days.

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Pinterest Now Plays Sounds and Slides Inline

Pin SoundCloud Track to Pinterest
The Pinterest experience just got a little bit richer. The site now lets you play tracks from SoundCloud, slideshows from Slideshare, and videos from Kickstarter, all inline within the site.

From today, Pinterest automatically grabs description text from the sites and credits the relevant user on the source site. It does this not just for SoundCloud, Slideshare and Kickstarter, but also for Etsy and 500px.

Pinterest will be automatically attributing existing pins from these sites, but warn that doing so will take a little time as they have a large backlog of pins to process.

The Pinvasion Has Begun: Pinterest Now a Top-30 Website in 8 Countries

Did you think Pinterest was just a North American thing? Think again.

According to data from web information company Alexa, Pinterest is now a top 30 website (in terms of number of visitors) in 8 different countries.

Aside from the US where it’s currently the 16th most-visited website, Pinterest is 17th in Canada, 19th in the Philippines, 21st in South Africa, 24th in Singapore, 27th in Australia and 29th in the UK.

Pinterest is currently the 24th most visited website in Spain, too, and the recent launch of Pinterest’s Spanish-language translation will surely help things along.

Looking at countries where Pinterest is slightly less popular, yet still a tidy top-60 most-visited website, the list includes Pakistan, Mexico, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, India, France, Thailand, Argentina and Brazil.

One major country where Pinterest will doubtless be seeking to expand is Japan. Last month the company received a whopping $100 million investment from Rakuten, a Japanese e-commerce juggernaut.

How much of the world do you see Pinterest conquering?

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Pinterest Rolling Out Spanish Translation?

Spanish people celebrating
After much anticipation in certain circles, signs suggest the Pinterest website will very soon be available in Spanish.

We’ve noticed some new language options appearing from time to time on the Pinterest site since around 5pm PST on 31st May. We’re not yet seeing them there consistently.

If the changes do go fully live, users will have a menu allowing them to select between English and Español (América).

Pinterest appealed in a blog post on 2nd May for volunteers to help them translate the site into other languages. Spanish would be the first language to emerge from that process. With 360 million or so native Spanish speakers around the world, supporting the language could only help Pinterest gain in popularity internationally.

French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish were named as the first languages the translation efforts would focus on, with the hope of “many other languages soon including Dutch, Greek, Italian, Korean, Malay, Polish, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Swedish, and Turkish.”

We’ll be keeping an eye on the site to see when the Spanish version becomes available to everyone.

Update 1: We’ve noticed that Jane Wang, the most-followed Pinterest user (2,984,651 followers right now) and mother of Ben Silbermann (Pinterest CEO and co-founder), has been posting a lot about the Spanish language and Spanish themes lately. Four of her six most recent pins have been on the topic. Just a coincidence?

Pinterest pins about US Hispanic population, Spanish lentils and fish tacos

Update 2 (June 4, 2012): As we predicted, the Spanish option is now live. (Announcement from the official Pinterest blog here.)

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Facebook Execs Jump Ship to Pinterest

Scary cartoon cat saying "Choose yr side"
Has Pinterest now become the hottest startup in Silicon Valley?

If recent employee moves are anything to go by, it could have. Along with a slumping post-IPO stock price, Facebook now seem to be losing top-performing executives. And Facebook’s loss has been Pinterest’s gain.

Nicholas Carlson reports for Business Insider about how Don Faul, Facebook’s VP of online operations, has left the company for a job at Pinterest. Pando Daily’s Sarah Lacy writes about the departure, too, and about how communications exec Barry Schnitt has also joined Pinterest from Facebook. She raises the question of whether Pinterest is now the place to be for top talent.

One thing’s for sure: with great people joining the Pinterest team, it bodes well for the company’s future.

What do you think? Are we going to see more star employees making a move to Pinterest?

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The Toolkits that Let Anyone Run a Pinterest Scam

Letter with sticky note saying 'scam?'
Security firm McAfee has warned how easily-available toolkits are now making it possible for almost anyone to run a scam on Pinterest.

The tools provide all the software needed by a would-be scammer to automate account creation, mass following, mass liking, commenting, etc. Very little technical understanding is needed.

With little more than a few settings, a scammer can launch their scam and generate money via Amazon affiliate links or tricking users into dialling premium-rate phone numbers or completing online surveys.

Will these easy-to-use scamming tools encourage more Pinterest scams? If so, will the Pinterest team be able to keep the scams at bay? We’ll be keeping an eye on what happens.

Pinterest Raises $100 Million, Now Valued at $1.5 Billion

Rakuten and Pinterest logos

Pinterest has just raised a big new round of funding — a total of $100 million, valuing the company at $1.5 billion.

The investment has been led by Rakuten, a major Japanese e-commerce company. As well as giving Pinterest a healthy cushion of cash, the deal signals the start of a partnership between Pinterest and Rakuten that should help Pinterest with its international expansion.

Are Pinterest’s Anti-Spam Measures Now Going Too Far?

Is Pinterest now penalising legitimate users in its fight against spam?

Heidi Kay, the VP of brand management and interactive content for PediaStaff, a staffing company, contacted us to tell us how she’d found herself unable to comment on her own pins. The reason? Pinterest had locked her out for making several comments in quick succession.

With 16,000 followers and 130 boards, Pinterest is the biggest driver of traffic to her company’s website.

Regaining Control

After trying to comment once a day for two weeks, there was still no change. In the past, Heidi found that resorting to contacting engineers from Pinterest was the only way to start commenting, and managing, again. Heidi says that what disappoints her most is the fact that no comment frequency or quantity limit is publicised and no warnings are given about an imminent block.


Many people, including Heidi, believe that users who have created a board should have free rein over it. As she puts it, “it does seem rather odd that a brand would not be allowed to communicate with its followers to its heart’s content, on its own boards.” Perhaps there could even be different types of account, with a business account allowing spam control to be user-defined. This way a user could allow themself and selected individuals from their company to post unlimited comments.

Is Pinterest a True Social Network?

Heidi simply wants a platform on which to hold intelligent discussions. Is it simply the case that Pinterest is not about conversing? As it is, the Pinterest process involves posting pictures and receiving or contributing reactions. Because Pinterest is cracking down on spam in a major way, it has effectively limited its own capabilities as a social networking site.

What do you think about this issue? Have you experienced problems with Pinterest as it strives to eradicate spam? Let us know in the comments section below!

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6 Little Known Facts About Pinterest


How much do you know about Pinterest?

As the Pinterest sensation grows, here are six facts that you probably didn’t know that might change the way you view Pinterest forever:

1. Pinterest can be used for genealogy research. Text documents, like copies of census information previously only available on microfilm or in genealogical databases, are finding their way onto Pinterest. Users are connecting old family stories with pictures and building a rich catalog of family history that might otherwise be lost.

2.Over 100 major brands are using Pinterest as a marketing tool. Many major brands like Gap and Pillsbury saw the promise of Pinterest as a marketing tool and jumped on board. Now, small business owners and cooperatives like Etsy are also joining the fray. This could be because Pinterest is generating more referral traffic than Google Plus, LinkedIn and YouTube combined.

3. Pins come from a very wide range of sources. They are supposed to represent things people like but did not create. Etsy is the most common source for “pinspirations,” but only makes up about three percent of the total pins linked on Pinterest. Users are encouraged by the user agreement not to post or solicit their own work on Pinterest.

4. Pinterest is not new. Pinterest launched in November of 2009, and ended beta testing in 2010.

5. People are using Pinterest not only to gain inspiration but to stay organized. In an independent analysis reported by Engauge Power Panel, 57 percent of people claimed they used Pinterest as inspiration not only for their hobbies, but also for their careers. Forty-seven percent claimed it helped keep their thoughts and ideas organized. Fifty-three percent said that Pinterest allowed them to dream of a time when they can have beautiful things, and 32 percent said it allowed them to share their ideas with others.

6. The average Pinterest user spends 89 minutes per month sharing on Pinterest. They have 171 pins distributed over three boards, and have just over 200 followers.


Pinterest ‘Pin It’ Buttons Spreading Fast

Amazon and eBay logos
Have you installed ‘Pin It’ buttons on your site yet?

As if pinning wasn’t popular enough already, eBay and Amazon have now added ‘Pin It’ buttons to product pages on their sites.

Pinterest users could already pin items using Pinterest’s browser ‘Pin It’ plugins or copy and pasting the page URL. With integrated buttons, pinning items is even easier.

Amazon Pinterest Button

eBay Pinterest Button


E-commerce sites are the most natural users of these buttons. But with even heavyweights like Amazon and eBay installing Pinterest buttons, could the cute little ‘P’ icon soon become as widespread as the familiar Twitter and Facebook icons?