Pinterest Board Ideas for Businesses


There are a number of ways to approach building Pinterest boards for businesses, and this takes a bit of brainstorming and preparation. Pinterest is growing in popularity and, when users like boards and pins, they share them rapidly. This helps build marketing platforms for businesses quickly and efficiently. Create Boards That are Relevant to Your […]

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Pinterest Accounts Hacked: Reports of Pins Being Deleted

Delete key

Has your Pinterest account been hacked? There is worrying news for Pinterest users. As reported by LLsocial, numerous Pinterest accounts appear to have been hacked into, resulting, in some cases, in pins being deleted and spam pins being added by the hackers. Pinterest seem to have been aware of the issue for some time. Last […]

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Pinterest Marketing Etiquette: How to Not be Sleazy

Old car for sale as "Today's Special"

What is correct Pinterest marketing etiquette? Might you be coming across as sleazy? Pinterest has taken the internet by storm. While Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites allow people to share links that they love, Pinterest has gone a step further by focusing on that in particular. Are you taking advantage of this new […]

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World’s Top 5 Pinterest Marketing Experts

World's Top 5 Pinterest Marketing Experts

With millions of active users worldwide, Pinterest is a powerful marketing tool if you know how to use it effectively. Several firms and freelance marketing consultants have already established themselves as leaders in Pinterest-based marketing; let’s examine some of them, and the valuable lessons we can learn from each. 1. Barrett Niehus. Advertising expert Barrett Niehus is […]

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Rakuten CEO ‘Would Love to Buy Pinterest’

The Man Who Would Love to Buy Pinterest

Hiroshi “Mickey” Mikitani says he would love to buy Pinterest. But he doesn’t think they would sell. Mikitani is not just any Japanese businessman. He’s the CEO of Rakuten, the Amazon of Japan, and his company led a $100 million investment in Pinterest earlier this year. In an interview by the New York Times, Mikitani […]

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Pinterest: 3 Simple Yet Little-Known Ways to Get More Repins

Cute Puppy

How can you get more repins? You’ve got your Pinterest account, created your boards, and are using good quality images. It’s one thing getting your Pins in front of your followers, but you are preaching to the converted if they are not sharing them with others. Follow these easy, yet little-known, ways for more re-pins […]

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3 Top Reasons to Leave Pinterest and Join The Fancy

Leaving Pinterest for Fancy

There’s a new, up-and-coming competitor to Pinterest. But what is it and why do you need to know? The Fancy, less pretentious that its name implies, is slicker and shinier. It’s like a rich new kid who moves to town in the middle of the school year, and effortlessly becomes a style role model for […]

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Pinterest: Now You Can Pin in European Portuguese

Portuguese Flag

Portuguese people can now use Pinterest in their native language. Pinterest have been releasing their international translations thick and fast over the last few weeks. Today’s release adds European Portuguese to the selection. Pinterest’s international language options now comprise: English, Iberian Spanish, Latin American Spanish, European Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese. It’s surprising that Pinterest are […]

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Are You Doing These 5 Things When You Pin an Image to Pinterest?

5 mandarins in a circle

How do you make your images succeed on Pinterest? We all know that Pinterest has the potential to be a fabulous marketing tool: 21% of users have bought something they have found on the site. It is free, there are 11 million users, and it is quick and easy to get started. However, given the […]

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Revealed: Man Making Thousands Via Fake Comments on Top Blogs

Hands on Keyboard

A provider of shady Pinterest marketing services is currently making thousands of dollars by spamming top blogs with fake comments promoting his offering. If you’ve read articles about Pinterest marketing lately, you might have come across one of his comments already. They go a bit like this (a comment from a recent article from Econsultancy): […]

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