Pinterest Release Second Spanish Language Option

Spanish sports fans in stadium

Is it to celebrate the Spanish team reaching the final of the Euro 2012 soccer tournament, or just coincidence? Either way, Pinterest have just rolled out a new language option: Iberian Spanish. So Pinterest now has support for the Latin American and European flavors of Spanish. Spanish speakers represent around 400 million potential users (although […]

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The World’s Top 5 Pinterest Marketing Success Stories

World's Top 5 Pinterest Marketing Success Stories

If Pinterest’s meteoric growth in members isn’t enough to convince you that using it needs to be part of your marketing strategy, maybe this will motivate you: Shopify found that customers spend twice as much when they come to their sites via Pinterest, than if they come via Facebook or Twitter. Here are our top […]

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Pinterest Now Plays Sounds and Slides Inline

Pin SoundCloud Track to Pinterest

The Pinterest experience just got a little bit richer. The site now lets you play tracks from SoundCloud, slideshows from Slideshare, and videos from Kickstarter, all inline within the site. From today, Pinterest automatically grabs description text from the sites and credits the relevant user on the source site. It does this not just for […]

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The Pinvasion Has Begun: Pinterest Now a Top-30 Website in 8 Countries


Did you think Pinterest was just a North American thing? Think again. According to data from web information company Alexa, Pinterest is now a top 30 website (in terms of number of visitors) in 8 different countries. Aside from the US where it’s currently the 16th most-visited website, Pinterest is 17th in Canada, 19th in […]

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The World’s Top 5 Pinterest Marketing Guides

Sign saying "This Way"

Pinterest is no longer the little brother in the social network marketing world, tagging along in the shadow of Facebook and Twitter. Pinterest’s growth has spawned a huge array of guides aimed to help marketing professionals promote their business via Twitter. Here is our pick of the best. 1) Quick Sprout has a great, easy […]

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Great Pinterest Presentation from SMX Advanced Seattle

Spider's web on chain link fence

Here’s a great presentation on Pinterest marketing tactics from the recent SMX Advanced Seattle conference. The slidesĀ are focused on techniques to hand-craft pins to go viral, drive large volumes of traffic to your site, and get you lots of links. The examples included are a little old now in Pinterest terms, but overall this is […]

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The World’s Top 5 Pinterest Tools

Pinterest Tools

The exploding growth in Pinterest user numbers has led to a new market in tools developed to help pinners get the most out of their accounts. Here’s our pick of the top Pinterest tools available today. 1) Pinerly ( is a Pinterest dashboard. It’s still in beta phase and for members only. It includes tools […]

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Pinterest Rolling Out Spanish Translation?

Spanish people celebrating

After much anticipation in certain circles, signs suggest the Pinterest website will very soon be available in Spanish. We’ve noticed some new language options appearing from time to time on the Pinterest site since around 5pm PST on 31st May. We’re not yet seeing them there consistently. If the changes do go fully live, users […]

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Should You Have a Pinterest Board just for Promotions?

Poster offering fresh lemonade

What topics should you choose for your Pinterest boards? Search Engine Land has a good article today with a few recommendations about this (the wider article is about whether and how local business owners can use Pinterest as part of their marketing efforts). In her article, author Stephanie Hobbs covers the basics of Pinterest marketing. […]

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Facebook Execs Jump Ship to Pinterest

Scary cartoon cat saying "Choose yr side"

Has Pinterest now become the hottest startup in Silicon Valley? If recent employee moves are anything to go by, it could have. Along with a slumping post-IPO stock price, Facebook now seem to be losing top-performing executives. And Facebook’s loss has been Pinterest’s gain. Nicholas Carlson reports for Business Insider about how Don Faul, Facebook’s […]

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