Pinterest Board Ideas for Businesses

There are a number of ways to approach building Pinterest boards for businesses, and this takes a bit of brainstorming and preparation. Pinterest is growing in popularity and, when users like boards and pins, they share them rapidly. This helps build marketing platforms for businesses quickly and efficiently.

Create Boards That are Relevant to Your Business

Each board contains all the pins you put there, as well as what titles you give them and any comments you make. Create boards that contain pins specifically geared toward products and services related to your business. Consider creating themed boards, as well. For example, if you operate a cake decorating business, you could set up a separate board for each event you create cakes for. Or, if you are a caterer, you could create boards for each type of food you cook and each type of event you cater.

Ideas for Additional Niche Boards

Rare bookstores: create boards containing pins for each type of rare book the store carries, as well as prominent authors held within the collection. Additional boards could be quotations from books, books in art, and other rare books readers enjoy.

Florists: boards could include pins about different events the florist has created arrangement for, as well as what types of floral pieces and arrangements are located within the store. The florist could also create pin boards about how to care for arrangements.

No matter what type of business you are running, think about how you can best showcase yourself and what your business stands for. Create boards also to house pins your visitors may be inspired by, or inspired to do. This will drive them back to your boards and to your business. Be sure to clear out all the generic boards so your Pinterest profile isn’t cluttered and only contains what is pertinent to your business.

Image by Tsahi Levent-Levi

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