Pinterest Expert Interview: Brian Offenberger of Right On – No Bull Marketing

For our third Pinterest expert interview, we speak with Brian Offenberger of Right On – No Bull Marketing

Brian Offenberger is a salesperson training expert and owner of Right On – No Bull Marketing, a furniture industry marketing agency.

1. When and how did you first get into Pinterest marketing?

I got involved in actual marketing via Pinterest with a furniture store client we were working with in LA. We had heard of Pinterest from an SEO perspective and thought it might be a nice channel for this outdoor furniture retailer. Since then, we’ve expanded Pinterest to several other clients and plan on working with more in the near future.

2. What’s your involvement with Pinterest marketing day-to-day at the moment?

I’m involved with Pinterest on a daily basis by suggesting its use to potential and existing clients. I also try to keep up with trends, case studies and best practices, as well as approve board content for ourselves and our clients.

3. Are you seeing a lot of interest from clients for Pinterest marketing?

We work primarily in the automotive and furniture industries. We have not yet seen the interest yet in Pinterest marketing that we have seen with Facebook and YouTube, as well as search marketing, email and paid search. We think many companies are fatigued trying to keep up with all these online channels, many of which can be confusing and somewhat intimidating to many small business owners. However, as more businesses experience success with this platform, we feel its interest from marketers will increase as well.

4. How should business owners decide whether or not to spend time on Pinterest when there are so many other things they could be doing?

The best way to find out if Pinterest will help you is to try it properly. First, look at your existing analytics to find the sales and profit returns from the channels you are currently using. Divert marketing dollars and resources from under-performing channels to support your Pinterest efforts. Then, have a written plan outlining your Pinterest objectives, content, implementation, etc. and give it a try. Your website analytics will give you a great indicator if Pinterest is profiting for you.

5. For businesses that are  already using Pinterest to some extent, what’s one top thing most of them could improve to make their efforts more effective?

Most businesses would make their Pinterest marketing efforts most effective if they had a plan regarding content and activity frequencies. Too many pin content when the mood strikes rather than with any regularity. Many pin content that “looks cool at the time” without any adherence to an overall content plan for the channel. Develop and follow a sound content and audience engagement plan for Pinterest better outcomes will happen.

6. What are some Pinterest marketing campaigns you’re particularly proud of/impressed by?

I’m most impressed by sustainable Pinterest efforts that increase profits for their owners. Generally, these are efforts on Pinterest that really focus on visual content of high value and interest to the owner’s target audience. Two that come to mind are Wilson Auto Repair, a high end classic car restoration shop in the Dallas area, and Jeeperz Creeperz, an online seller of Jeep and off-road parts and accessories. For those interested in running contests on Pinterest, there is an excellent posting on the topic covered by Social Media Examiner.

7. What’s your favorite Pinterest marketing tip for more advanced Pinterest merketers?

Three things most companies could do to improve their Pinterest efforts:

  1. Engage others. Follow other boards on Pinterest. It’s not all about you…engagement with others creates positive activities for your brand.
  2. Look at performance metrics. Find out what content is most appealing to your audience by looking at engagement metrics and website activity coming from Pinterest.
  3. Use keywords in your descriptive text and include your website address. This will make it easier for people to find your content on Pinterest as well as finding your website.

8. How do you see the world of Pinterest evolving over the next 12 months?

Pinterest will ultimately need to make money to survive. I’m intrigued by how this will happen. I’d also like to see Pinterest offer brands more integration capabilities with other channels, like email sign ups and options for special offers.

9. How can people best find you online?

For those wanting to get started with marketing on Pinterest, they can download our free Pinterest “Cheat Sheet,” a one page guide to common Pinterest terms and best practices. We also have a free eBook about how to increase leads and sales with Pinterest.

I can best be reached via email at Brian at or via my LinkedIn profile.

Thank you, Brian!


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