Pinterest Marketing Etiquette: How to Not be Sleazy

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What is correct Pinterest marketing etiquette? Might you be coming across as sleazy?

Pinterest has taken the internet by storm. While Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites allow people to share links that they love, Pinterest has gone a step further by focusing on that in particular. Are you taking advantage of this new marketing platform?

Every marketer has a customer base, even if it is only potential customers. Each person that reads your content, buys your product, or clicks on an ad that is on your website is a customer. Pinterest is a unique tool to reach thousands of potential customers in a short time.

Users of Pinterest are not just sharing things they find humorous online with followers. Unlike the LOLcat filled newsfeeds of Facebook, people using Pinterest use and share their ‘pins’. By sharing your information on Pinterest and involving yourself among the users there, you are creating a loyal following.

Marketing doesn’t have to be boring or ‘sleazy’. For example: Twitter is full of people tweeting “Look at my website!” or “Check out my new book!”. There are millions of these tweets each day. People get tired of this sort of behavior and begin blocking marketers.

Don’t let your Pinterest account fall prey to this sort of behavior. While you may really, really want to reach people and sell you product – avoid the sleaze. When someone you are following adds a new pin, don’t rush to comment with a link back to your own site or by inviting their followers to look at your boards.

Take time to look at the boards and pins of people you are following. Repin things that you genuinely find interesting or that you think others may enjoy. When you are doing internet surfing that is not related to your business, be sure to pin things that you find interesting. Your Pinterest boards should never be related to only your business.

The key in using Pinterest as a marketing tool is to remember that the site is a social network. You are not just marketing your product, you are marketing yourself. You are your brand when dealing with Pinterest. Other users will prefer to know you and the closer potential customers feel to a business or product creator, the more likely it is they will purchase your service or product.

Keep it real, keep it personal, and enjoy the profits of social networking.

Photo by Hugo90

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