Pinterest Marketing Tips from Nell of Me Marketing Group

Now, Pinterest marketing is still very much an emerging field. But what advice would marketing agencies give you about it? We’ve been interviewing some of them to find out.

Today, we’re interviewing Nell of Me Marketing Group for his views on Pinterest marketing…

Nell is an entrepreneur with multiple business ventures across entertainment, printing, marketing, media, and also real estate. He is currently preparing to launch several monthly publications around the Greater Detroit area.

1. When and how did you first get into Pinterest marketing?

We began offering Pinterest marketing soon after the site began to gain popularity. Initially we were a bit skeptical about the impact that the site would have in the marketing world for business owners, but soon found the site was becoming an effective tool. Once customers started inquiring about it we added it our mix.

2. What’s your involvement with Pinterest marketing day-to-day at the moment?

On a personal level, I’m just getting started in using the site, however, we discuss daily with customers the importance of business using it as a tool to market products and brands. Some customers remain reluctant or skeptical, but we have seen a huge rise in clients needing help in getting started on the site.

3. Are you seeing a lot of interest from clients for Pinterest marketing?

Yes and No, a lot of clients are still searching for info about the site and looking for a way in which they can use it for their brand. Some clients are so focused on Twitter and Facebook marketing that they are reluctant to try it, mostly because of time restraints or lack of knowledge of how to use it.

4. How should business owners decide whether or not to spend time on Pinterest when there are so many other things they could be doing?

Consider your product and target market before devoting a lot of time to a site like Pinterest, but that can be said about all social networks, every site isn’t a great place to devote your efforts to, you have to find the one that meets your needs best.

5. For businesses that are already using Pinterest to some extent, what’s one top thing most of them could improve to make their efforts more effective?

Pinterest is a visual site because its based on pics, so your campaigns should be eye catching. They don’t have to be all snapshots of products that you offer, it’s not a sales paper. If you are a company which sales home decor items, try using pics which have products similar to yours in a real life setting. Be creative with your graphics, spend time editing pics, use contrast highlighting your items… make sure that you do more than just have a basic picture.

6. What are some Pinterest marketing campaigns you’re particularly proud of/impressed by?

I’ve ran across a few Pinterest campaigns that were impressive, the ones that I particularly enjoyed the most were from a travel agency we worked with, for obvious reason it’s not hard to imagine a beautiful board for a nice island get away.

7. What’s your favorite Pinterest marketing tip for more advanced Pinterest marketers?

Keep active with your boards, and continue seeking new followers and follow people with similar interest back. Also remember Pinterest is a site that has long visit spans from visitors. The average visit last about 5 – 10 minutes. Once you have a persons eye, it’s a good chance you can keep them engaged for a long time. That can lead to a new customer for your brand.

8. How do you see the world of Pinterest evolving over the next 12 months?

I can see the site continuously gaining popularity once people start using it more. It’s honestly one of the more unique and addictive of the social sites because unlike most sites which are based on words… it’s based on pics… that’s a huge advantage for Pinterest along with it being interactive with your web experience with the “Pin It” tab you add to your browser. You’ll find yourself using it more and more often and creating more boards due to that alone.

9. How can people best find you online?

Check out our site

Thank you, Nell!

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