The Pinvasion Has Begun: Pinterest Now a Top-30 Website in 8 Countries

Did you think Pinterest was just a North American thing? Think again.

According to data from web information company Alexa, Pinterest is now a top 30 website (in terms of number of visitors) in 8 different countries.

Aside from the US where it’s currently the 16th most-visited website, Pinterest is 17th in Canada, 19th in the Philippines, 21st in South Africa, 24th in Singapore, 27th in Australia and 29th in the UK.

Pinterest is currently the 24th most visited website in Spain, too, and the recent launch of Pinterest’s Spanish-language translation will surely help things along.

Looking at countries where Pinterest is slightly less popular, yet still a tidy top-60 most-visited website, the list includes Pakistan, Mexico, Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, India, France, Thailand, Argentina and Brazil.

One major country where Pinterest will doubtless be seeking to expand is Japan. Last month the company received a whopping $100 million investment from Rakuten, a Japanese e-commerce juggernaut.

How much of the world do you see Pinterest conquering?

Photo courtesy of Richard Elzey

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