The World’s Top 5 Pinterest Tools

Pinterest Tools
The exploding growth in Pinterest user numbers has led to a new market in tools developed to help pinners get the most out of their accounts.

Here’s our pick of the top Pinterest tools available today.

World's Best Pinterest Tools
1) Pinerly ( is a Pinterest dashboard. It’s still in beta phase and for members only. It includes tools to help you manage pins and boards, followers, and analyze your success. It is still in the early stages, but definitely a tool to get sooner than later.

2) Curalate ( is for those serious about using Pinterest to grow their business using social media. It has three tiers of monthly subscription, with each offering a free trial. It tracks and analyzes Facebook Likes and Tweets originating from Pinterest, so you can see what content is most effective.

3) PicMonkey ( is a snappy photo editing and collage creation service. It’s free and easy to use. It’s great if you’re a Pinterst user who uploads a lot of your own photos and graphics, perhaps from your website or blog.

4) Pinstamatic ( allows you to not only pin photos, but locations, quotes, music from Spotify, Twitter profiles, locations, and calendar dates. It adds loads of variety and depth to your Pinterest boards by going beyond just photos.

5) PinReach ( is a Pinfluence measuring tool. There are several similar tools available, but PinReach is one of the best for its ease of use and clear graphics. It allows you to track your number of pins, re-pins, and followers in a cohesive way.

Honorable mentions:

· Pinpuff ( calculates Pinfluence and offers gifts and goodies to influential pinners who sign up.

· SpinPicks ( is still in beta testing but looks like a promising way of allowing users to pin from other social networking sites. It aims to link to the original source

· Pinterest Pro (Chrome Web Store link) gives instant zoom, allows easy pinning from anywhere on the internet, and gives a list of trending pins.

Photo by zzpza

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