How to Track When Your Brand is Mentioned on Pinterest


Need an easy way to monitor mentions of a brand on Pinterest and other social networks? Then ViralHeat could be the tool for you.

ViralHeat lets you see all pins that have mentioned your brand in their descriptions or see graphs of the number of mentions over time…

ViralHeat Pinterest monitoring

ViralHeat Pinterest Analytics

Pinterest is just one of the services that ViralHeat can monitor. Alongside your Pinterest analytics, you can see corresponding information about your brand mentions on Twitter, Facebook, video sites such as YouTube, and across other websites.

Pinterest Board Ideas for Businesses

There are a number of ways to approach building Pinterest boards for businesses, and this takes a bit of brainstorming and preparation. Pinterest is growing in popularity and, when users like boards and pins, they share them rapidly. This helps build marketing platforms for businesses quickly and efficiently.

Create Boards That are Relevant to Your Business

Each board contains all the pins you put there, as well as what titles you give them and any comments you make. Create boards that contain pins specifically geared toward products and services related to your business. Consider creating themed boards, as well. For example, if you operate a cake decorating business, you could set up a separate board for each event you create cakes for. Or, if you are a caterer, you could create boards for each type of food you cook and each type of event you cater.

Ideas for Additional Niche Boards

Rare bookstores: create boards containing pins for each type of rare book the store carries, as well as prominent authors held within the collection. Additional boards could be quotations from books, books in art, and other rare books readers enjoy.

Florists: boards could include pins about different events the florist has created arrangement for, as well as what types of floral pieces and arrangements are located within the store. The florist could also create pin boards about how to care for arrangements.

No matter what type of business you are running, think about how you can best showcase yourself and what your business stands for. Create boards also to house pins your visitors may be inspired by, or inspired to do. This will drive them back to your boards and to your business. Be sure to clear out all the generic boards so your Pinterest profile isn’t cluttered and only contains what is pertinent to your business.

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The World’s Top 5 Pinterest Tools

Pinterest Tools
The exploding growth in Pinterest user numbers has led to a new market in tools developed to help pinners get the most out of their accounts.

Here’s our pick of the top Pinterest tools available today.

World's Best Pinterest Tools
1) Pinerly ( is a Pinterest dashboard. It’s still in beta phase and for members only. It includes tools to help you manage pins and boards, followers, and analyze your success. It is still in the early stages, but definitely a tool to get sooner than later.

2) Curalate ( is for those serious about using Pinterest to grow their business using social media. It has three tiers of monthly subscription, with each offering a free trial. It tracks and analyzes Facebook Likes and Tweets originating from Pinterest, so you can see what content is most effective.

3) PicMonkey ( is a snappy photo editing and collage creation service. It’s free and easy to use. It’s great if you’re a Pinterst user who uploads a lot of your own photos and graphics, perhaps from your website or blog.

4) Pinstamatic ( allows you to not only pin photos, but locations, quotes, music from Spotify, Twitter profiles, locations, and calendar dates. It adds loads of variety and depth to your Pinterest boards by going beyond just photos.

5) PinReach ( is a Pinfluence measuring tool. There are several similar tools available, but PinReach is one of the best for its ease of use and clear graphics. It allows you to track your number of pins, re-pins, and followers in a cohesive way.

Honorable mentions:

· Pinpuff ( calculates Pinfluence and offers gifts and goodies to influential pinners who sign up.

· SpinPicks ( is still in beta testing but looks like a promising way of allowing users to pin from other social networking sites. It aims to link to the original source

· Pinterest Pro (Chrome Web Store link) gives instant zoom, allows easy pinning from anywhere on the internet, and gives a list of trending pins.

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World’s Top 5 Pinterest Blogs

Which are the best Pinterest blogs?

More and more people are writing about Pinterest now, covering its continued rise in popularity and how to get the most from it.

Here are 5 of our very favourite blogs about Pinterest.

We think these are (for now, at least) the world’s top 5 Pinterest blogs:

World's Best Pinterest Blogs Award

1. Oh, How Pinteresting

Where else to start than the official Pinterest blog? It’s a great place to find out about new features and hear from the Pinterest team.

2. Marketing on Pinterest

If you want to know about marketing on Pinterest, this is a great place to look. It’s written by Jason Miles, VP of Marketing at Northwest University, and he’s rapidly building a great resource for everything related to Pinterest marketing.

3. Get Pinterested

Run by internet marketing agency Rocket Clicks, this is a good site for Pinterest news and resources, both for business and personal use.

4. Total Pinterest

OK, so we’re biased. We couldn’t leave our own blog out, though, could we?

5. Power of Pinterest

A blog that seems to have been set up to sell a book by authors Christi Tasker and Henry Weinacker, but nevertheless it has a good assortment of Pinterest-related information.

And a bonus…

6. 365 Days of Pinterest Creations

Sadly, the 365 days are almost over, but this has been a great one to follow as mother-of-two, Kirsty Colquhoun from New Zealand, creates one craft project a day and pins about it on Pinterest.

Which are the best Pinterest blogs in your opinion? Which would you recommend?

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What Are the Most Popular Times of Day for Using Pinterest?

What’s the most popular time of day for using Pinterest?

One way to get an idea about this is to look at the response times from the Pinterest web servers. When the servers take longer to respond, it’s reasonable to assume it’s because lots of people are hitting the site.

We used the Pingdom service to track response times of over the last few weeks and here’s what we found:

Graph of Pinterest server response times

The times are shown in Eastern Standard Time (EST).

There are four main peaks, suggesting that Pinterest is most busy at the following times: morning (7 AM to 11 AM), lunchtime (1 PM to 2 PM), end of the work day (5 PM to 6 PM), and evening (8PM to 11PM).

If you’re trying to get as many repins as possible, is it best to be pinning at the busiest times? What do you think?

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5 Time Saving Tips for Pinterest

While Pinterest is an excellent site for finding ideas, it can also drain away precious time. It is far to easy to get sucked into the page after page of pictures and forget why you got on in the first place. Here are five ways to save time while using Pinterest.

1) Set a time limit.

It is easy to get started repinning and totally lose track of time. Set a timer that has an alarm to tell you when it is time to stop pinning. Then move on. Do not allow Pinterest to suck away time you do not have, but do use it as a reward or relaxation to take a break from more serious tasks.

2) Go online with a plan.

Do not randomly click through the pins on your homepage and hope you come up with something useful. Go on Pinterest with a goal in mind. Decide what you are looking for and stick to it. If you are interested in finding recipes, search for recipes, if you are looking for craft ideas for May Day, do a search specific to those activities.

3) Create more boards.

Though it takes more time in the beginning to set up a large number of boards, it will save you time in the long run. Have a board for gardening, a board for each room of your house, a board for ideas for each child in the family etcetera. Then, when you return to the site for something it will be easy to find and you will not have to waste time looking for it. This significantly lowers the chances of getting distracted by other unrelated pins.

4) Use URLs to reach information faster.

When going online to gain instructions from things already pinned, skip the homepage and go straight to the board where it is housed. The URL for each board is formatted like: personal Pinterest URL/your board name. So, for example,’s-alphabet-activities. This will prevent you from being distracted by new posts on your homepage when you enter in site.

5) Look for ways to save time in your real life while using Pinterest.

Use Pinterest to find better ways to organize your family. Create a week or month worth of menus and plan a shopping list on your board. Find time saving tips and tricks that you can apply so that Pinterest is actually saving you time and simplifying your life, rather than sponging time away.

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Perils of the Pinterest “Pin It” Button

Are you putting yourself at risk by using Pinterest?

The Pin It Button is a feature that enables users to pin images from any website and attach it to one of their pinboards. This ability to acquire any image, however, has led to some copyright issues arising and Pinterest having to re-design the “grab anything” nature of the button.

Pinterest currently has a “safe harbor” status from the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. This effectively protects Pinterest against copyright infringement liability, provided they meet specific requirements. Importantly, however, Pinterest users are not granted this safe harbor status, so are liable to prosecution for posting copyrighted images.

This potential legal time bomb threatened to undermine the very ethos of Pinterest – allowing users to create dynamic and unique pinboards compiled from a whole host of sources.

Pinterest have made some changes to mitigate the risk of any damaging copyright lawsuits. Pinterest now state on their website that “when you pin from a website, we automatically grab the source link so we can credit the original creator.” In February 2012, Pinterest also released a “nopin” HTML metatag permitting websites to block their images from being pinned. This code has since been implemented by Flickr, previously a major source of images which were pinned without the permission of the original owner.

These adjustments to the Pin It Button have protected Pinterest and its users from lawsuits over copyright infringement thus far, though it remains to be seen what is being done, and indeed what can be done, about users who simply re-upload work that is not their property.

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7 Deadly Sins of Pinterest

You’re pinning away, having fun, attracting followers…

Then ‘bam!’ it all comes crashing down. What have you done?

It could be that you have committed one of the 7 deadly sins of Pinterest…


1. Greed – The sin of wealth gathering.

Pinning your sales, promotions or coupons is not what people want to see on Pinterest people won’t like it and won’t follow you, worse still you could end up being reported as a spammer, if you are posting interesting things people will come but you won’t make a sale by forcing your marketing down people’s throats.

Don’t expect to become an overnight success; it takes time to build a customer base


2. Wrath – The sin of anger, rage.

Watch your tone and content is not foul, insulting or rude demonstrating your own anger or enticing others to get angry with you.

Don’t pin things that promote self-harm or self-abuse, this is against Pinterest terms and conditions.

Be polite when commenting on others pins.

Pinterest does not allow hateful content.


3. Gluttony – The sin of over indulgence.

Stop the self-promotion and add a bit of variety to your boards.

Share the things you like and love but don’t over-do it – posting too much, too often or only ever posting about one thing, get a bit of variety on your boards to draw people’s interest in what you have to share.


4. Envy – The sin of wanting what others have

Adding someone to your ‘collaborative’ board just because you think they have sway or influence that will draw people to your content is inappropriate, if you want someone to collaborate with you ‘ask’ them before you add them!

Just because someone has a lot of followers doesn’t meant their followers will come to you just because you are connected with that person, you have to be liked for being yourself not because of who you know.


5. Lust – The sin of sexual content

Obviously anything too sexually explicit is likely to get you into trouble!

Pinterest has a no nudity policy, so bear this in mind before you share those pictures of hot girls lap-dancing!

You might find such things enjoyable but Pinterest is not the place for sharing this kind of interest.


6. Pride – The sin of over self-promotion

Sharing your own products and services is one thing but don’t over-do it, it’s spamming.

Yes, if you have a new product you may want to show it off, but going overboard with selfish indulgence is just going to make people go away, not come back for more.


7. Sloth – The sin of being lazy

If all you do is repin other people’s pins and not add any original content of your own people will quickly become bored and more likely to follow those you are repinning than you.

Not pinning often enough (almost as bad as pinning too often) will leave your followers bored and they will stop checking in on what you are doing – maybe set yourself a schedule for pinning so you can get the balance right.

Not checking for copyright/trademark infringements – the biggest sin of all, make sure you credit your sources properly another big thing in Pinterest policy, if you are too lazy to check you could find yourself reported for infringement and your boards closed down.

Think before you pin!

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Pinterest: 3 Alternative Uses That Will Surprise You

Though at first Pinterest appears just to be a place to collect and display nice images of interesting pictures, new breeds of account are emerging.

Social-media savvy businesses are recognising the potential in Pinterest and are creating pages to advertise their goods, whilst others are hoping to entertain and educate with theirs.

1. (Fictitious) Travel Journal

Though Pinterest can definitely be used to advertise and earn money, it can also effectively be used to entertain. The adventures of the fearless Mr Sans-Peur is a board highlighting the adventures of the fictitious Mr Sans-Peur. This page has attracted almost 100,000 followers, despite comprising just travel pictures from around the world that Pinterest is inundated with.

Perhaps the appeal of this page is the caption that accompanies each page, detailing another piece of Mr Sans-Peur’s story. These short accounts add an emotive nature to the pictures and creates continuity between the images, allowing for a story to unfold.

2. Celebrity Rhyming Slang

Pinterest can also be used to educate. Eamon’s Agency Rhyming Slang declares that “anyone’s welcome” to be taught through the images on this board. The visual nature of Pinterest aids in comprehension here – with a picture of Clark Gable accompanying the note that this translates as “White Label”. Though trivial, this board highlights the potential that Pinterest has to visually educate the masses on a broad range of topics.

3. Marketing Through Wedding Inspiration

Wedding Republic, a Canadian company, is tapping into the Pinterest craze. The company offers an online cash registry where couples list the gifts that they’d love to receive at their wedding. This list is then transformed into a page which is circulated to guests, allowing for them to choose which gift to purchase for the couple.

Wedding Republic’s Pinterest, however, is more than just a simple advertisement of their services. With boards titled “Yummy Treats!” and “Location, Location, Location”, the page is cleverly designed to encompass all features of a wedding package. This maximises the range of searches that may lead to the page, in turn introducing more people to their company who perhaps hadn’t even thought about such a service.

How Will Pinterest be Used Next?

These are just a handful of the many imaginative ways in which Pinterest is currently being used. It remains to be seen whether Pinterest is truly an effective advertising technique for businesses. It is undisputed, however, that this medium opens up new opportunities for education and entertainment.

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Getting More Pinterest Followers Made Simple

Simple Shoe
Getting people to follow you on Pinterest is no easy business. Here are five tips to get you started.

1. Connect with other people

This is the number one rule of all social media networks. You can have one of the most interesting and insightful pins in the network, but if you don’t share it with other people, then it’s all pretty much worthless. Follow other people who deliver good content and have a large following and you can potentially extend your reach to their networks as well.

2. Connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts to Pinterest

Social media networks today make life much easier by allowing you to link all of them to each other. Your pins can easily be shared with the people you’re connected to in the other networks, which could possibly result in them following your Pinterest account.

3. Pin consistently

Updating your content regularly is one of the foundations of blogging and social media. Why should it be any different for Pinterest? Pinning new content regularly will ensure that followers will keep coming back to your account.

4. Make sure your pins have good images

Pinterest is a visual social network. Images are the first things people will see as they explore your boards. If the visuals aren’t too appealing, they will less likely click on them.

5. Avoiding repinning other people’s content all the time

Seeing the same things over and over again can get real boring. If you can’t give anything new to people, then what’s the point of them following your account? Speaking of original, you don’t have to create your own content to pin. You can find interesting things to pin while casually surfing the Internet, while websites like Reddit and Stumbleupon allow people to share and discover good content.