The World’s Top 5 Pinterest Marketing Success Stories

World's Top 5 Pinterest Marketing Success Stories

If Pinterest’s meteoric growth in members isn’t enough to convince you that using it needs to be part of your marketing strategy, maybe this will motivate you: Shopify found that customers spend twice as much when they come to their sites via Pinterest, than if they come via Facebook or Twitter.

Here are our top 5 Pinterest marketing success stories.

1) Etsy (@etsy) was an early adopter of Pinterest as a marketing tool, and have since confirmed it is their number one traffic driver. They have nearly 90,000 followers, 1,609 pins and 30 boards. They don’t just promote items for sale on their site; their success comes from good quality information, like tutorials on DIY projects. Etsy understands that social networking is a two-way street and they interact well with followers.

2) Christine Martinez (@chrisem) is a stylist and fashion blogger. She has 984,088 users following 6,262 pins over 44 boards. Christine is the third most followed Pinterest user. She is not a conglomerate; she is one person proving that Pinterest can give a business a worldwide profile. Christine has used Pinterest to successfully build her own brand, sending her career soaring.

3) Wedding Republic (@WeddingRepublic) saw a 75% increase in traffic to their website after they started using Pinterest. Despite a relatively small number of Pinterest followers, their use of good quality photos, each linking back to their online wedding registry site, has successfully boosted their profile among their target market (Pinterest is very popular with brides-to-be), all for free.

4) Today (@todayshow) uses Pinterest to successfully connect with its audience. They provide information viewers want, from recipes to behind the scenes photos. They use Pinterest as an extension of their website ( to keep viewers interested and involved when they are not on air.

5) Whole Foods Market (@wholefoods) has gained nearly 31,000 followers in less than a year after opening their Pinterest account. Their boards don’t focus just on food, but on things their customers are interested in: growing good produce, being fit and healthy, fashion, high-tech gadgets, and the environment. They use Pinterest not so much to generate traffic, but to build their brand.

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