Pinterest Error: “You have exceeded the maximum rate of users followed”

You have exceeded the maximum rate of users followed

Are you seeing a Pinterest error saying “You have exceeded the maximum rate of users followed. Slow down a little. (error code fl1)?”

Some readers are reporting seeing this error message when they try to follow someone new. This happens despite them not doing anything excessive. Unfortunately, in these cases it tends to be very difficult to get any response from the Pinterest support team about why, specifically, it is happening. The support team is almost certainly overwhelmed with incoming support queries from Pinterest’s enormous user base.

Have you seen this message?

Have you got any advice for others who are confronted by it?



  1. Hello Matt,
    This is an informative article as usual.
    I did not face this problem, but today, I got some problems with commenting a Pin. So I copied paste the comment and then I got this warning from Pinterest “Sorry! You’ve hit a comment block. We love your enthusiasm, but we think you’ve been commenting too quickly or were trying to post content that might be spam.”
    I can not comment anymore ! I can only like a pin, share a pin or repin !

  2. I’ve heard of someone else hitting this as well, so I guess it is happening quite a lot. Do let us know how it goes and when you’re able to comment again.

    • Hello Matt,
      I can comment again (fortunately) . Actually I have submit a request on the the support desk
      I got a automatic reply, then I answered it again (if not, the request was supposed to be resolved).
      The next day everything was fine.

  3. Cliff A Robinson says:

    These are temporary blocks at first. They are trying to combat the army of spam bots invading the network and, unfortunately, the spam prevention algorithms have a hair trigger right now. I have experienced them a few times, and you just have to wait. Of course, if you really are trying to spam, they will eventually shut the account down.

  4. I just received this message while I was clicking a lot of boards I wanted to follow. All boards belong to one user and I just didtn want to follow all boards of this user.
    Hope this problem will be fixed soon, its really annoying.

    • Hi Ulf,

      Yes, how annoying when you’re just trying to use the service in a legitimate way. Perhaps Pinterest’s spam-detection algorithm sees all ‘follows’ as equal, regardless of whether they’re all for the boards of a single user. In fact, following lots of boards belonging to one user probably isn’t something a spammer would be looking to do.

      Do let us know if you keep hitting this or if you find a way to avoid it.

      • Hi Ulf. Perhaps you should reconsider the amounts of emails you send. I basically check on Pinterest whenever you send me an email reminder of new pins regarding my interests. If it weren’t for that I wouldn’t look at Pinterest almost dayly and therefore considered to spam.

  5. I was doing the same thing. Trying to just follow specific boards and not people. I have not been able to follow anything now for 2 weeks!! I have sent several 8 help requests to Pinterest support and I get responses such as “to be able to see who you are following just look under your name at the top right of your home page.” Today I finally gave up and thought I would just start over and be more careful and just follow people and got to about 10 people before the same error message came up! I am at a loss because I am a recreational pinner. Not a blogger, Etsy, business anything!! Any advice would be appreciated.

    • 2 weeks?! Wow. I’m sorry to hear that, Jay. It seems that people’s experience with Pinterest customer support can be quite hit and miss, but trying 8 times without any success must be very frustrating. If anyone has a good tip for getting around this issue, hopefully they’ll share it with you here in the comments. Good luck and I hope it’s resolved for you soon.

  6. Hi,
    just tried to follow few boards and its all fine again!
    Maybe you should avoid clicking any follow-button for ca. 16 hours because otherwise the interlock will be reset. Just guesswork, really dont know how it works.
    Hope there will be more information by the support soon.

  7. Glad it’s all fine again for you, Ulf. Thanks for sharing what worked for you.

  8. I’ve dealt with this error message twice. First time was a couple of months ago, sent Pinterest a message (auto response) and then it disappeared but I started getting the message again last week, sent another message and no good news to report this time around 🙁 I adore pinterest but I’m really beginning to hate that message “You have exceeded the maximum rate of users followed. Slow down a little. (error code: fl1)” . SO hoping they come up with a fix SOON!

    • Hi Lynn,

      I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with this, too. It does seem there are quite a few people being affected. Do you know what triggered it each time in your case?

      • I can Repin a pin but I can’t “Follow” anyone or anything and that is when I get the error message-when I try to “Follow”…


  9. I can’t like or unlike for a month now, after 2 days straight of the error i gave up, then 3 weeks latter I was able to like some stuff, and a week or two later tried again and got the error. Sent my complaint got a automatic response, sent a second one replying, and got back the response saying that unfourtunetlly the team was small and could not reply :-S

  10. I ran into this problem today, and on top of the maximum followers error, I also couldn’t repin something from the person I tried to follow. However, this problem went away after I logged out of Pinterest and logged back in. Hope this works for everyone else!

  11. This is still an issue at Pinterest – I wish they would state what their max clicks is and the time to reset. I tried to change to the new look thinking maybe it would involve a reset but no joy!

    Relogging did not work for me.

    I’ll give it 24 hours and see if I works then.

  12. PeggySue says:
  13. I get same notice,but after 1 hour,it working again.

  14. Hey – I have the same issue from following a few boards from one user. Now I can’t even login.

  15. Kat Barbour says:

    After experiencing an almost total shutdown on Pinterest I decided to “Unfollow” the majority of those who I have followed, in hopes of speeding up my Pinterest Account. I got an error message “Whoops!
    You have exceeded the maximum rate of users followed. Slow down a little.” I can’t be exceeding because I was actually attempting to reduce the number of users that I follow.

  16. Roxanne Buchanan says:

    I get, “you have exceeded rate limit, please try again later”. Just began getting this msg today. It needs to be fixed asap!

  17. Mine blocked me from sending pins- with or without a message- to my best friend. It’s never done this before and it’s making me really irritated. Why would it block me sending pins?

  18. Having the same problem, keeps giving me a rate exceeded notation. Very frustrating.

  19. have trouble on pinterest to, cant leave a comment, “comment block from this area” whats was that?

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